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  1. What a goal from Rothwell!!!!! When he plays like that he's the best player in the league by a mile.
  2. Good start from us so far. Some decent early chances. Brentford aren't pressing as much as Barnsley and Millwall did, so we're finding a lot more space. The game is there for us to win.
  3. It's pretty shocking and so many not wearing their masks properly. I live in Melbourne and we had one of the strictest lockdowns in the world... I was skeptical initially, but the results speak for themselves. 0 new cases for a month, and now 0 active cases as well. Don't understand why more governments don't follow suit.
  4. He's just too far down the pecking order. None of our midfielders have been poor enough to drop down in the pecking order IMO besides Evans, who I don't really want to see again this season. Realistically he's not getting a game unless both Johnson and Trybull are out.
  5. I think we've looked a worse team with 2 DMs playing, but against one of the better sides in Brentford it might be sensible. Today is all about the 3 points, so if we can keep control of possession and nick a 1-0 win I would be very happy. We have dropped too many points against the teams challenging for promotion. Now that we're on a good run, it's vital for us to pick up some points in the next 2 games against promotion rivals.
  6. That was tough to watch, but glad of the 3 points. The amount of times a good pass was on but we turned around and passed it backwards instead nearly made me tear my hair out. No movement in the table but it’s now incredibly tight in the top 10. Just 4 points off the top of the table. 3 very tough games to look forward to next.
  7. Injuries are 100% the main reason. Evans returning from injury and getting into the side has been the worst thing to happen to us this season. 4/4 games lost with him in the starting 11.
  8. He was excellent against Barnsley and we were much weaker when he went off. I feel he is someone that should be competing for the CB spot with Lenihan as they are quite similar ability. I don’t expect him to keep his spot for long once either Ayala or Williams are back in contention though. Given out injury record it’s good to have 4 reliable CBs to choose from now.
  9. Alright... that was just awful from Elliott. I'd sub him after that.
  10. Brereton not doing enough for me.. I would take him off for Gally or Dolan. Elliott not done much either except the pass for Nyambe's assist. Trybull has been excellent today.
  11. Barnsley have setup perfectly here to nullify us... we are struggling against the 3-4-3 as they've packed the centre of the pitch, which is stopping us from controlling the game through the centre. We look dangerous when Bell and Nyambe are brave and attack down those flanks. Both were very sloppy for most of the first half, which was hampering us considerably. Given we're 1-0 up now, not sure if we need to change anything around. Barnsley aren't posing us any particular problems, they were just nullifying us quite well.
  12. Getting into it a bit now. Bell's little foray forward seems to woken everyone up a bit.
  13. Our system just not working for us at the moment, probably needs a change of formation at half time if it's still at 0-0 (or worse). A lot of misplaced passes and inability to find space.
  14. Barnsley look well up for it today, but bodes well for us as the game's more open than usual.
  15. Same 11 for me. Don’t mind if we have Trybull or Johnson in the DM role. Frankly I was impressed by Davenport’s cameo on Tuesday and would like to see him get more chances in the side.
  16. Feel so chuffed for him! Someone needs to put together a highlights reel of all his moves against PNE... he really made fools out of them!
  17. All our subs did really well. Dolan obviously popped up with a goal, but Davenport and Buckley controlled the game really well. Shout out for Douglas as well who is a massive improvement at LB. A beautiful 3 points there!
  18. He said to judge him after 12 games, well we are struggling to keep up the win rate required to challenge for the playoffs. He needs to be winning 50% of matches, but we’re 2 wins behind at present. I don’t know at what point we say someone else needs to come in and try to get this team promoted. We need a significant improvement for the next 12 games.
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