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  1. Just feeling disgusted right now. Those subs absolutely killed the game for us. Taking off 3 of your key players for 3 fringe players is outrageous. Lenihan can absolutely fuck off as well. He should not have started ahead of Ayala. He has to be dropped for the next game.
  2. I'm surprised at all the criticism for Johnson and Douglas. Thought Douglas one of the best players on the pitch with several great deliveries. Johnson also controlling much of the midfield with several great challenges and passes out wide to Elliott. Gally has been too quiet for me and also leaving Douglas exposed on the left flank. Elliott has looked good but he's picking the wrong decision too often. I think this might be a game for Buckley to have an impact in, as it feels like the right pass could unlock their defence and give us a goal.
  3. Douglas has put in about 4-5 great deliveries so far, but noone able to get on the end of it to finish. We really don't deserve to be losing this. Kaminski having a bit of a stinker today.
  4. Statistically, this is the best team we can put out. Hoping to see a reaction from the team today after the disappointing game against Bristol.
  5. I think the other frustration for me was that going into the game I was worried about the number of players out, but after seeing the team picked I was actually feeling more confident of a win. Looking at Bristol's side as well, they had a very weak squad with many key players out. It was a game that we could and should have won, and we were within touching distance of the playoff spots. It was a really lazy performance. We were lazy in our attacking play with all the speculative shots that went nowhere, and we were lazy with our defending for their goal.
  6. That was a really disappointing defeat IMO. I switched it off after they scored. I have a lot of love for Arma but he had an awful game and he was wasting too many great chances despite great work from Holtby, Rothwell, Gally and Elliott. TM should have done something to change things up. Either bring Dolan and/or Chapman on or move Elliott or Gally central. Johnson was also having a poor game and bringing Davenport on could have injected some energy and drive into the midfield. Douglas looked to be struggling to keep up with Wells once he was moved to their right flank and Bell woul
  7. I wonder if Bristol move Wells to the right in the second half. Nyambe has him in his pocket. Elliott has been excellent, Gally has been good too... both creating chances for Arma, who has been very wasteful. Arma better score, but if he continues with the wayward shots and wrong decisions I would bring Dolan on instead. Maybe it's even time for Chapman to come on and be the hero.
  8. All 3 games on Sky, so unavailable in Australia (and I presume most places overseas). Check your region on the link I posted, it will tell you whether it's available or not.
  9. That's about as strong a team we can put out tbh. Williams has been better than Lenihan this season anyway, and Ayala should be our best defender. Only missing Brereton, but Gallagher has shown a major improvement in recent games.
  10. For those in Australia, the Bristol, Norwich and Doncaster games will be available via Kayo Sports. They're all within a month of eachother, so you can get a subscription for a month ($25) and then cancel - for those inclined for a decent legal stream.
  11. Both the Bristol game and The upcoming Norwich game won’t be available on iFollow unfortunately. Doncaster Rovers FA Cup match is on Sky as well so won’t be available via iFollow. You can check your region at https://www.efl.com/broadcast-schedule/
  12. Buckley got better at RB towards the latter stages of the game. Put in several cracking tackles and played a part in our equaliser. However, he was absolutely awful until then and we were fortunate that Brentford didn’t focus more attacks down their left side because Buckley was really struggling to cope. I do rate Buckley and think he’s had a few decent performances in midfield for us this season and last season. He just needs to keep developing his physicality.
  13. Not really sure what to say. So proud of the boys today! It's a massive performance and result to get that point with a patched up 10-man side. Subs were absolutely bizarre, but Buckley, Davenport and Dolan all combined for that equaliser, so what the hell do I know. Results elsewhere went decent for us as well. We're still within touching distance of the top 6 with Bristol and Watford losing. Do we know if Williams might be available for Wednesday?
  14. Mention for Dolan as well who won the header for the goal and has been full of energy.
  15. COME ON!!! Davenport deserved that goal so much. He has been excellent since coming on.
  16. Mowbray is throwing this game. Buckley at RB, Rothwell and Armstrong off. What the hell is he doing!?!?
  17. TM needs to take Buckley off. It's actually one of the worst subs I've seen him make in his time here. If he kept Trybull at RB, or even brought Downing or Davenport on at RB instead then this would still be 1-1.
  18. Waiting for the inevitable Raya clanger to give us the win. EDIT: well... so much for that...
  19. Buckley is awful at RB. Don't understand the thinking there. I actually think we can still win this. They've obviously been in the ascendancy since the goal, but we were still creating a few chances after the sending off.
  20. Clear sending off for me, but feel for Lenihan as you have Toney running away ahead of you in the box. He should have just let him go, but it's instinctive to fight for the ball. Why the hell is Buckley on at RB??
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