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  1. That's what I thought initially as well, but the ref was actually Gavin Ward not Darren Bond.
  2. That was absolutely abysmal refereeing. If there aren't some sort of repercussions for that ref after this game then it will be a fucken joke. It's not even that important a game really, but I am livid.
  3. Stoke, Swansea, Watford, Millwall all winning. Bournemouth beat Reading earlier. Bad results for us if we want to make the playoffs. We need the 3 points here.
  4. Elliott and Brereton have struggled to get in the game so far, so chances have been limited. Not sure who you could bring on to change the game. Buckley for Trybull maybe, but I thought he was doing quite well keeping things ticking in midfield. I don't think Dolan or Gallagher would be able to change anything.
  5. Douglas and JRC would be excellent as wingbacks in a 3-4-1-2. Excellent technically, but watching them defend makes me very nervous.
  6. Hoping to see something special from Douglas today if he's starting. He's been a bit of a disappointment thus far. I feel Kaminski will become very important to us having a good season, massive boost to have him available. No easy games, but this is the sort of game we should be winning if we're serious about playoffs. I think Luton will struggle to contain Arma, Brero and Elliott today.
  7. Just my opinion, but I don’t know why things need to be so black and white as far as Venkys and the ‘protesters’ are concerned. There was some clearly shady dealings going on during the Kean era and the overall management of the club was shambolic. People were rightly angered at what was going on and the efforts that the likes of Glen et al put in to shine a light on it all and expose it for what it was has to be commended. I think it’s to everyone’s great credit that the penny finally dropped with the owners and Kean was eventually sacked, ties with Kentaro were cut etc. However, I
  8. Brilliant block from Wharton there.. he's had a decent game.
  9. This is as good a performance as we've had this season IMO, but no goals to show for it. We are so much better with the spine of our team back in Kaminski, Johnson, Rothwell and Armstrong. Can't fault any players' performance so far (other than Evans for the 2 minutes he was on). Arma a bit greedy, but given his scoring record you can forgive him.
  10. Well, the good news is that we're back to playing our best again and creating chances. The bad news is that we still can't finish them off.
  11. I don't think Evans is a terrible player, but enough's enough. Too many injuries in his time at Rovers, he needs to go.
  12. 2 great saves from their keeper so far. Should be 2-0 already.
  13. We look good so far. The main thing I've noticed is how much better we are defensively with Kaminski in goal. He hasn't done anything spectacular yet, but he just looks in full command of his area and has popped up with a few saves and catches that have looked solid. QPR's danger man is Adomah who has JRC beat for pace, but JRC has done well so far to keep him in check. JRC will need to be at his best today.
  14. I know .. not blaming anyone. Just bemoaning our current luck. Hope the lads can put in a performance tonight and pick up 3 points.
  15. 6 changes. No way we can keep a consistent positive run together with this many changes every week.
  16. I’ve been listening to the audio commentary but have turned it off now. Sounds like we’re crap and at most we will hold out for the draw.
  17. He's the worst rated player in the league right now. He's made 1 save in 2 games. He should be getting dropped if he even has a subpar performance today.
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