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Any chance we can make some new songs up? As as other users have asked in the past leave them on the main message board? It isnt going to get anywhere if it is in the archive. We need to be able for everyone to see it and therefore they can they contribute to the new songs.

If the mods can agree to it please can everyone post the new songs in here?

Got to say i like the two posted by cletus

(to the Adams family tune)

"Your sister is your mother

Your father is your brother

You like to $h@g each other

the Dingle family!"

(to the tune of we`ll meet again

"We`ll get a pen

don`t know where , don`t know when

but i know we`ll get a pen

some sunnny day!"

And also one from Tugay4England

He's small,

he's quick,

he's an annoying pr*ck,

Paul Dickov, Paul Dickov

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A word of caution to all. At my previous place of work our IT banned us from viewing this site due to the use of foul and offensive language. Misspelt words like tw@t etc.. were deemed this way.

Same company, different location and I'm allowed to view the site again. If you must post vulgarities or use foul language to make your point at least do it on the ICBINF board (or even the songs board wink.gif ) I quite like viewing the site during the day again.

Rant Over

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Number 1 on the posting guidelines

1. No bad language

This board attracts a wide range of visitors, including the young and easily offended. We therefore ask that you refrain from using bad language in your posts. This will be enforced in all sections of the message board.

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There is still the word tw@t in other pages on the message board hasta! mad.gif

Want us to move all the ******* topics for u?!

Frankly I'm more than a little fed up with the meaningless twaddle that has been posted over the last few days. Could EVERYONE please think before they hit the key board.

Thank you

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There is still the word tw@t in other pages on the message board hasta! mad.gif

Want us to move all the ******* topics for u?!

Hughesy, what is the point in replacing an 'a' with an '@' when they looked the same and read on screen exactly the same. If the board mods wanted the word to be used they wouldnt filter it in the first place.

Personally it doesn't really bother me too much what language is used. The thread about the songs doesn't really bother me. HOWEVER as I quite clearly explained this board was considered 'unsuitable viewing' by my work because I once left it on my screen on a thread where certain well known four letter words were used with the odd * replacing a vowel. My boss saw it and subsequently got the site 'blocked' by IT.

And in answer to your question - no I dont want any topics moved. I never asked for this topic to be moved. I just want to be able to enjoy reading the board during the day.

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Just saw this song and thought we could try and make a burnleyy version of the song: biggrin.gif

(To the Band Aid tune)

It's Christmas time,

The Canaries are so afraid,

It's Christmas time,

They've not enough points from games they've played,

But in our world of plenty, Delia spreads no smile of joy,

Throw your arms around a Budgie at Christmas time,

But say a prayer

Pray for the yellow ones

At Christmas time,

It's hard when Town are having so much fun!

There's a world outside your window,

And it's a world of Norwich fear,

Where the only water flowing,

Is a hapless Budgies' tears

And Worthy's mobile ringing is a clanging bell of doom,

Well tonight thank God it's them instead of you,

And there won't be many points for them this Christmas time,

The greatest gift they'll get this year's a draw

Where no pass ever goes, no flick or long ball flows,

Do they know how 3 points feel at all?

(Here's to you)

3 points for everyone

(Here's to them)

Travelling to Gillingham

Do they know how 3 points feel at all?

Feed the Budgies, Let them know how 3 points feel

Feed the Budgies, Let hem know how 3 points feel

...... (Repeat then fade)

Edited by grizfoot
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