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OK, how about this one?

Which eight cities (and I think this is right) have had more than one team in the top flight? They don't have to have been in the top flight at the same time. Oh...and name the teams too. tongue.gif

Try to do it without Googling. wink.gif

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In England:

Sheffield United and Wednesday

Manchester United and City

Liverpool and Everton

Nottingham Forest and Notts County

Aston Villa and Birmingham City

London- every club except Barnet

Are you allowing Leeds City (went bust in the early '20s) and Leeds United?

I forgot Bradford Park Avenue and City

(Bristol Rovers and Port Vale have never been in the top flight and Blackburn Olympic didn't make it into the football league)

In Scotland:

Dundee and Dundee United

Hearts and Hibernians

Queen's Park, Clyde, Partick Thistle and Third Lanark (and two others in Glasgow)

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Is this the point where I mention about Salford being a City in its own right?


You can try. Not many people from Salford admit it - only the stupid ones.

Like me. tongue.gif

Most say they're from Manchester.....

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