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[Archived] Captain?


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Nelsen shouldn't walk in and grab the captains band straight away IMO

He'll be struggling for match fitness.. the captain has to be a strong icon and cant be huffing and puffing at the 60 minute mark

I'd tip Friedel or Todd to pick it up B)

I'd go with Friedel myself for the moment, but recall that captaincy is NOT just about playing on the pitch. It's about effort in training, the resepct of the other players and attitude as well. Of those four, the second two are the most important, the captain has to be able to give someone a bashing without them getting their backs up. It was one of the reasons that Beckham did not make an effective captain for England (witness Rooney telling him to "F*** OFF" as caught on TV). Can't imagine anyone doing that to Terry, or Roy Keane, or, for that matter, big Ryan. Those are/were great captains, motivating all about them. Sadly, we do appear to be lacking a leader at times, especially in defence. And an armband doesn't make someone a leader...

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Okay, I have to raise this point about the captain.

Does it really matter?

Seriously, they are 11 professional footballers on the pitch, 5 more ont he bench, a there's a staff of coaches on the sides and hopefully 20,000 more more bums in the seats. If you need a named captain branded with an armband to motivate you, especially with all the influential players this team currently has injured, why are you a professional athelete?

When and if the rules was enforced that the captain was the only one allowed to talk to the ref, having a vocal captain that all the players would talk to and who understood the game was one thing. But now that all 11 players can crowd aroudn the ref saying whatever the heck they want without penalty, unless they swear or ask him who he placed a tenner on, is there really a value in having a captain.

I say coin flip pre-match :)

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Todd hasn't done anything to upset Sparky. He's been plagued by injury. Toogs has had a hamstring problem over the last week as well.

Cheers for that,it was just something that was said before he came back into team a amonth or two ago.That he was out of favour with Sparky,and wasn't a first choice selection,but since he's been back ,he's been playing excellent.I have been worried about his abscence again, and if it's only an injury, then i'm chuffed that's all it is,and he's still an option when fit again.I think we really need him, and if he does play, I wouldn't object to him being captain for a while.

Whatever,let's hope we can do the biz tomorrow...has they say "lets AVE IT" :tu:

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