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[Archived] Copa America

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How come Mexico took their full strength team? Did they prioritise the Copa America over the Gold Cup?

Mexico has a new coach who promised both the gold cup, and a trip to the semi-finals of the Copa America because he wa such a critic of the previous national coach. He failed to deliver the gold cup adding more pressure to the Cop America.

Also he had fewer player restrictions as the Mexican league is not playing at the moment, I believe.

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Unbelievable, Argentina have been playing the best football in the world yet have no answer to a somewhat under par Brazil.

It would have been good for Brazil to lose this, if only to encourage South American passing football and not the defensive stuff we have seen in Europe of late.

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What a start to the game and an amazing goal from Brazil.

When the pass went over to him I said to the mrs "what a rubbish pass that was" What a fool I looked when Baps got on the end of it and put it away :ph34r:

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Argentina, already the favourites, will be even more so after Brazil's capitulation. For some reason though Argentina seem to be chokers. In good positions in the World Cup and even heavier favourites to win the previous Copa final and they capitulated. As for 2002 when they had been built up as favourites for years beforehand...

Think that was spot on from my good self. This current Argentine set-up are world champions at flattering to deceive.

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