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[Archived] Pandora

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It was somebody on here who brough Pandora to my attention. Pandora is a kind of internet radio station whereby you type in your favourite artists and the fancy techy system finds and plays similar sounding music. It was a great site, but now isn't available to UK listeners anymore.

Does anybody know of a similar alternative?

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As Le Chuck says last FM is still a good one to use.

I think it was me that brought Pandora up in the first place (not that that matters any) Anyway, Click This and type in www.pandora.com (in the space provided and click - hide my ass)


Does this still work for you? For me it comes up with an "experiencing technical difficulties" message. From what I've been reading, it happens with all proxies as Pandora has found a way to stop them from working (or realised that people were using them). It's a shame because I thought it was a quality site and I discovered plenty of new songs and artists that I liked.

I tried using last.fm for a while a few months ago, but I found that to be fairly poor. Most of the songs that came up when trying to find new songs based on a similar artist or track were fairly poor selections, at least for me.

I'm currently testing finetune.com to see if it is any better.

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