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[Archived] A Small Problem Solved...

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Every so often someone pops on here and says "the music at ewood park is...", and I have had the pleasure of stumbling across these boys who were on North West Tonight on the Beeb with old Gordon Burns. 'The Lancashire Hotpots'. I think through one of the more "powerful" and "influential" board members, these boys should be on down at Ewood.

Links to the songs, 'Chippy Tea', 'Bitter Lager Cider Ale Stout', 'Oh No He's Turned Emo'

Oh No He's Turned Emo

Chippy Tea

Bitter Lager Cider Ale Stout

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The do have a song for PNE, something to do with Adam Catterall at Rock FM apparently.

they are from St Helens originally, and I believe are fans of the wrong shaped ball. Im going to see them (again) in Preston in mid April. They were rather amusing last time I saw them.

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They def. follow league and not the kick-tennis variety of the egg chasing

Prefer 'Bitter Lager Cider Ale Stout' personally

Although we could transform He turned Emo into Dingle very easily IMO, lyrics would be a piece of urine...

e.g. "Babysham that's for your sister" is very easily amended...

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Don't get me wrong - I think they're great! I tend to get a chippy tea every friday now thanks to their song!

Quality chippies are as rare as hens teeth in Blackburn. The majority of new proprietors of Blackburn chippies obviously adhere to the 'never mind the quality feel the width' theory. Soggy stodgy everything! A long way to travel but the best 'traditional' chippy by miles is Clayton St in Gt Harwood. Goodness only knows why other chippies are unable or unwilling to replicate the quality.

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