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[Archived] Excel Help Required

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Just wondering if anyone can help with a formula for excel.

I run a 6 aside football league and creat a weekly score sheet which I use to record the scores of the matches and who scored the goals. The sheet is automatically generated and pulls the fixtures into the relevant section.

What I'm trying to do now is pull the players names in from a seperate worksheet. I want ti to check the tema name and find the squad list that relates to the team name and then display it in a box. I've done a bit of googling and I've got somewhere near by using:

=LOOKUP(B14,{"Junior Bulls Athletic","Ragass Rovers","Brazilliant","Un-Nameable FC";"0-30","31-60","61-90","91-120"})

What I need to do though is find a way of replacing "0-30" etc in the second part of the formula with the correct cell from the second worksheet. as soon as I try to link it to the second worksheet I seem to be getting error messages. Any ideas anyone??

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I do quite a lot of that sort of stuff and I find www.mrexcel.com to be an invaluable resource. If you get registered and post up as much relevant info as you can on there I can guarantee a prompt answer. I use it all the time when I get stuck on Excel formulas. Like I say though, the more info you post, the quicker you'll get the answer you want.

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