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[Archived] Blackburn Rovers Ladies' Team

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I forgot you were lurking, Tugs. Haven't you some doggy dos to clear up???

Okay,okay, it's a big laugh and all that stuff.

But please pay attention to who they thrashed - MAN CITY and NEWCASTLE Ladies' Teams. That has to be worth some praise, even from you.

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Womens footy is rubbish...all you need to do is boot the ball high towards the goal and the goalies normally drop it in for you....The goalies are really bad. :wacko:

Have you watched Blackburn Rovers Ladies team recently? The standard of football is very high. The team has improved tremendously over the past 4 seasons with new signings all the time. They have now won the Lancashire Cup for the past 5 seasons and the Lancashire Football Association are currently looking to present them with a suitable momento. Shades of 1884,1885 and 1886 !

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