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Rip Robert Enke


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There was an interesting discussion on last Saturday's "Football Focus" with Lee Dixon, Mark Lawrenson and Matt Holland. (Former Ipswich midfielder Holland doesn't conform to the stereotype of a greedy selfish footballer. He comes across as a pleasant amiable chap.)

The guys on Football Focus made the point that football dressing rooms can be unforgiving places and if a player told his team-mates "I'm depressed" he would probably be given stick, might be laughed at and told to "Snap out of it" or "Pull yourself together" - not very helpful to those people who are genuinely depressed.

It may well have been hard for Robert Enke to have opened up and told his team-mates at German club Hannover that he had been suffering from severe depression for a long time following the tragic death of his two-year-old daughter due to a heart birth defect.

Earlier this year Enke and his wife adopted a baby girl, but later Enke became concerned that if the authorities knew the extent of his depression his adopted daughter might be taken away from him. He tried to conceal his acute depression from other people and after he died Germany's general manager Oliver Bierhoff said that Enke's depression had gone unnoticed by his team-mates and officials.

In his suicide letter Enke apologised for hiding his depression leading up to his death. Understandably the exact content of his suicide letter has not been published. However one could argue that perhaps the unforgiving machismo culture prevalent in football dressing rooms didn't help Enke's condition. This may also be the same for other depressed people who work in traditionally male-dominated macho working environments, where cruel jibes and stick can often fly about and where compassion for personal difficulties can seem to be in short supply.

Enke has been buried next to the grave of his two-year-old daughter, which of course must be heartbreaking for his wife Teresa.

In an article in the Daily Mirror below, Stan Collymore reveals that he came close to suicide himself when he was depressed. Stan says that he put a belt round his neck and also went out in his car and threw a rope over a tree, but fortunately didn't go through with the actual act he had in mind.

Link below:

Collymore reveals he nearly committed suicide

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Marcus Trescothick tells in his autobiography how he did everything in his power to prevent his teamates from finding out the true extent of his illness. Fortunately for Marcus he is gradually winning his fight despite relapses.

The story of Enke is much more tragic. Hopefully this will prompt more people with the illness to come forward at an earlier stage.

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Enke has been buried next to the grave of his two-year-old daughter, which of course must be heartbreaking for his wife Teresa.

Very sad indeed. It's had a fair bit of air time over here, as there are close links to Germany. Feel extremely sorry for his widow who will have to try and get back on track again.

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