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With the news that Rovers have several potential buyers and are currently in due dillegence, I thought it would be useful to have a thread consisting of news, links but not discussion.

Please post any links in this thread, indicating the source of the story along with the date and, preferably, a brief indication of the nature of the link.

As a reminder, this thread is not for discussion or comment: please use the Rovers Sold discussion thread for such purposes.

LET - Syed to visit Ewood soon

LET - Syed denies 5Live findings

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I had an short informal chat with Tom Finn this morning, the situation is basically that whilst everything is coming along well and the club does see it has a commitment to communicate with the fans, there really isn't much for us to report on that isn't already known. Sadly, not being a trained journo, I didn't think to make notes (so that isn't a formal quote) but the general feeling was one of positive progress, but nothing new at this time that we can report on.

(Remember, this thread is for news and links only, comment should go in the main takeover discussion thread)

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Just to add to Glenn's post, this is the minute from Monday's fans Forum meeting: -

2. Possible Takeover

TF reported that there was little to report that was not already in the public domain concerning a possible takeover of the club. There were

currently a number of interested parties and the club was in a due diligence process. There were no final dates for this process.

There had been no application to the Premier league for approval of a sale and that process will take 10 days, so there was no immediate prospect of a completed sale. It was also possible that neither bidder would complete a sale and either side might still walk away if the deal was not right.

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Some official news at last

Rovers' official site says club is close to completing a takeover deal with Venkys

Rovers' Chairman John Williams said: "A series of meetings, including discussions with the Premier League, have followed an extensive due diligence process. Both parties are hopeful that the transaction will be completed in November."


This is also now being reported by the national news outlets

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LT 28th October 2010


Gurav's Blog (independent Indian finance blog) 28th October 2010

http://www.gauravblog.com/?tag=venkateshwara-hatcheries-group-buys-out-blackburn-rover]Venkateshwara Hatcheries Group buys out Blackburn Rover[/url] (financial analysis of Venky's - Not really news, but of possible interest)

BRFCS 28th October 2010

http://www.brfcs.co.uk/mb/index.php/topic/23702-wga-still-in-the-running/page__pid__969229#entry969229]Kamy's World Exclusive with Syed Ali on the future of his bid[/url]

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Some of the links referred to on the main takeover thread for reference.

The Times of India, 28 October 2010

Venky's brand scores with Blackburn buy

Daily Telegraph, 29 October 2010

"Blackburn manager Sam Allardyce refused to field questions on Friday concerning the club's potential takeover as late doubts emerged over the proposed £46 million deal with Indian poultry giant Venky's."

Sam Allardyce remaining tight-lipped over Blackburn Rovers' Indian takeover

Daily Mail, 30 October 2010

Blackburn takeover in doubt as club hierarchy air concerns over Venky links with football agency

The People, 31 October 2010

Big Sam's fearful of future at Blackburn as VH Group edge closer to takeover

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