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[Archived] Movember

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Is anyone on here doing Movember this year?

I am doing one on the Irish site

Here is the link to the one you guys in the UK will use:


Its a great organisation raising money for prostate cancer that so many men die from!

The link if you want to sponsor me is http://ie.movember.com/mospace/638954/ although I have never grown a "MO" before I am loooking forward to how it will turn out

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A lot of my mates are taking part, but being a freelancer that's desperate to solicit more work, I can't really play along (besides, I'd be March before I had something like looked anything more than 5 o'clock shadow).

It seems that most of the people who I follow on twitter that are taking part keep recommending this link http://www.cracked.com/blog/a-guide-to-the-modern-moustache/

PS. Lets us know who you are on twitter so we *can* follow the fail hair re-growth

PPS. Let me know when your site is finished, so we can show it off as the the first proper BRFCS hosted site. It's looking good though, sweet design.

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You can follow my painfully slow facial hair growth here Twitter, beware there are also occasional banal and/or drunken pronouncements as well as facial hair updates.

And you can give what ever you want/can afford here

Glenn, I'm working on the site copy now, its painfully slow, a bit like my Mo growth.

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I'm also in this year. I lost my grandad in February of this year to prostate cancer so I hope you guys can help both awareness and money through your Mo's.

I wont ask for sponsorship on here as Tom and Ralf already have and all the money goes to the same place.

However of you're friends with me on Facebook or twitter expect to be bombarded!!!

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