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[Archived] Laws of the game


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I thought that the law about scoring a goal prohibits throwing the ball directly into the net from a throw-in.

On MOTD2 last Sunday they showed goalkeeper errors, including the ball bouncing over Tim Flowers' shoulder at the Darwen End.

The first was Aston Villa defender, Mellberg taking a throw-in to his goalkeeper, Enckleman who missed it and the ball rolled into the net.

Does anyone know what happened next? Was the goal given or disallowed? Was Enks adjudged to have touched it? Or does the said law not apply to own goals?

Any referees out there?

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Rovers once conceded one in a league cup game at Ewood, long throw into box, keeper flapped at it but got a touch and it went in. Must have been about ten years ago at Darwen End but thats all I remember.

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As long as there is contact with a player, the goal stands (unless there is some other offence for which the referee can stop play). If the ball goes in without any contact, then the game is restarted with a goal kick (if the ball was thrown by an opposition player) or a corner (if the ball was thrown by a home player).

It's the same situation for indirect free-kicks.

Simples :rolleyes:

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