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[Archived] The Photoshop Thread (Not safe for work)

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Gimp is free and whilst not as fully featured as photoshop is good enough for a numpty like me :)

here is a link to the windows download


Gimp is excellent, more than enough for everyone except professionals. Even then professionals could get by with it, it's a powerful program.

Plus it just feels right to do a send-up of Kean in a program called Gimp...I don't know why.

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Hahar, some funny ones there! :lol:

Abbey, if you're familiar with p2p/torrents then Photoshop 2 is available for download. I'm not promoting acts of piracy here, I'm merely suggesting you get yourself a 'backup' copy for the one you purchased some time ago ;)

PM if you have no idea what I'm talking about, or PM if you're short of a torrent.

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