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[Archived] The Photoshop Thread (Not safe for work)

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Hahar, some funny ones there! :lol:

Abbey, if you're familiar with p2p/torrents then Photoshop 2 is available for download. I'm not promoting acts of piracy here, I'm merely suggesting you get yourself a 'backup' copy for the one you purchased some time ago ;)

PM if you have no idea what I'm talking about, or PM if you're short of a torrent.

Will " back up " later


Can imagine letting him loose with a gun

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How do you post the pictures directly on here? I wanna join in as well :D

You need to host your image firstly. I recommend imageshack.us as one for the least fuss and no registration required. Simply upload your image and obtain the 'forum link' once it's done it's business. Come back here and paste it into your post (I usually take out all the junk that links the image back to imageshack but that's entirely upto you).

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Great minds think alike ;) I started this earlier but wanted to add a few of his quotes to the top part. I'll finish that and start on 'Feather Pitch'

Yeah was going to add all the stupid quotes he's come out with but realised wouldn't be able to fit them all on :), Like the idea of Feather Pitch lol

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