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[Archived] What happend to the improved PR by Venkys?


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Quite simple really What has happend to Venky's promises to fans to go to Pune and discuss the team? What has happend to Venky's trying to create a positive PR?

Last thing I heard was a fan or ours (Battersby) on the board conveying fans ideas etc and venkys ideas to us? Where has this gone? Was it ever in place?

What were the last things to be said in the last fans meeting in Pune?

The is zero communication with the fans! Okay we probably don't need to know everything but we would like to know what the hell is going on from time to time.

Is Paul Hunt our Hr man at the club?

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Paul Hunt is the Deputy CEO.

The club's UK PR is handled by local agency PAPR (as has been for many many years).

Venky's use their own PR company based in India (I forget the name and where they are based, but it's not Pune).

It does seem that in the post-Williams/Finn era that communication with the fans has suffered badly. The FF try, but that has it's problems (The Pune trip was a huge start, that fizzled into nothing). BRFCS tried but after a promising start, a couple of minor misunderstandings saw that come to a grinding halt. I'd love to see BRST try, a fresh approach may be what's needed.

I have suggested to club, several times now (as have others) that they needed to appoint a dedicated fan liaison to work with the version departments (PR, Marketing, Ticket Office, Events, Internet etc) at Rovers to help focus the message they put out to fans and act as a buffer between the fans and the club, but frankly the way things have gone recently, that would be a thankless task and akin to draining the sea with a straw.

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