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[Archived] muamba retires from football


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Actually a little suprised by this, I thought he would recover more fully over a longer time period. Such a shame for the guy, although he seems very popular with other players so may find another position in the game.

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Probably a double blow for the lad. Obviously a blow because he can't play again, but maybe an even bigger blow because he's always going to be worried about how well he really is.

If that makes sense.

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Can't say I'm suprised at all.

1. Cos the his heart will no doubt be scarred.

2. Who would put their neck on the line to insure him? And if they did what would his premiums be? Might be cynical but it's surely better to get a sick note from the Doc, retire and fill in the insurance claim form.

No doubt TGM would be able to give an informed opinion if he were still around. ..... mind you we'd all be thick for needing to ask.

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