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[Archived] How do i find out who landlord next door is?

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I`ve got a problem with the house next door. I live in a terraced house & the one next door is rented out.

The problem i`ve got is....

There`s an overflow pipe next door with a constant drip. It drips onto their kitchen extension roof, but damp has started to creep into my property where our outside walls meet. I`ve asked next door to sort the problem, but they haven`t bothered doing anything about it.

I want to bypass the tennants & find out who actually owns the property, so i can get this sorted.

Can anybody advise me as to how or where i can find out who the owner/landlord is? :huh:

Any advice would be most gratefully accepted ;)

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had a similar problem a few years ago, the council used to keep a list of registered landlords (+social and private) in the area, so might be worth contacting the housing & neighbourhood services department (if it's still called that) if they are awkward about it, say it's causing health issues and ask them to supply you with an enquiry number which means they have to record the enquiry

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Oh yea, they can get it from council tax records too, but some councils are easier to deal with than others using this. Also now due to the data protection act, it is unlikely they'll just give you a name straight off.

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The next door neighbours have failed to get in touch with their landlord, so they`ve had somebody from the council out.

The council are attempting to contact the landlord now, & told nextdoor to tell me to report it too. Hopefully that will get it sorted quicker.

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Can't get in touch with their Landlord?

Withhold the rent for a week or so and see what happens!

I`ve got a feeling they`re on every benefit known to man Dave.

Neither of them work & kids get collected for school in a taxi.....so i doubt they`ll be paying the rent.

That priviledge more than likely goes to the tax payers of the uk :unsure:

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