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[Archived] Givet

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I guess this must have been answered somewhere but what has happened to Givet? I attended the game against Derby away and Givet was by far the best player we had. He fought for every ball and if it he hadn't been our main defence on his own, running for everything we would have lost the game. Now he is a sub. I know he was injured but what has Berg got against him? This is the only game I have seen this season as I live in Bristol and was away for the Rovers game here. I am not biased towards Givet as I have only seen him play on TV. Is there something I don't know?

Regards Steve

Old Rovers fan from the days when you could walk round at half time to the other end!

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Lord only knows, Steve.

Givet had some kind of behind the scenes spat while Black was in caretaker charge and got dropped. Apparently it was sorted but I don't think he's played since, has he? You just never know what's going on with this mob. All I do know is that our best centre-half is on the bench.

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More wage/bonus cutting at the expense of what's happening on the pitch.

It's really hard to come to terms with the fact that this is only going to get worse.

I think January will see Robbo, the good Olsson and Givet go - amongst others - on their way.

Successful teams blend youth and experience - we can't afford experience, not fit experience anyway.

No way will we be going for Mark Hughes!

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If they go and we bring in players who actually want to play in this league I'd take it. Robbo has been poor in my opinion for the last 2 seasons. I had been keen to keep Bunn and let him go over the summer.

There is obviously an issue with Givet. There was the incident at Charlton when he refused to come out for the second half. On his return against Blackpool he hardly covered himself in glory. I personally think he wants out and it's reflected in his performances and him being dropped before that.

Ollson would be good to keep, but does he want to be here? I'm not convinced.

Look at the teams who are doing well, they're not full of ex prem players. Boro's centre half was picked up for 100k and has been immense for them. Cardiffs team are all just solid players in this league.

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I agree with the last para Ricky. But this is where a good man manager comes in.

Let's face it, our (remaining) players may have played in the PL but the really aren't PL quality in the main.

Certainly no better than Newcastle's side a couple of years ago.

Givet strikes me as temperamental and high maintenance but that's what you need a good manager - and not a coach and/or novice.

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