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[Archived] My first game on Sunday, where do we warm up?

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I'm heading to Rishton for 8am, setting off at 7:30am from where i live near Bolton.

Few local beers in Rishton, train to Blackburn and I think the first call then will be The Postal Order in town centre (is this a Weatherspoons?).

Will then make our way towards Ewood...

Blues is a quid for season ticket holders but can be that packed the queue outside and it becomes one out one in policy.

We used to love going in the Aqueduct until it shut a bit back, can't say I have visited many more around Ewood other than the working mens club over the road which is so cheap you simply have to go!

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I know the Fernhurst is the away pub but as Burnley fans are taken to the ground directly do Rovers fans frequent the pub for this one game?

When the new owners took over they didn't let any football fans in whatsoever. I've heard that they are a bit more relaxed now and will let family groups in. Maybe give them a ring to check?

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It all depends on which side of ground approach from. If Darwen side uncle jacks, golden cup fernhurst. If heading from Livesey branch road brown cow, fox and hounds. If from town centre side few shut now like Ewood arms, aqueduct, so there's the Hamilton, the one next to the canal who's name escapes me but we usually go havelock. Decent size, big screen and seem to remember put on few bacon butties before last dingles game.

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Will the Golden Cup be open does anyone know? Cheers

And to the above poster - yes Postal Order is a 'Spoons :)

I'm told the golden Cup is opening at half 10 tomorrow, at least that's where we're going before so I hope it is.

Hasn't the Golden Cup been hosting away fans this season? Obviously not on Sunday though...

It usually has home and away fans I think but obviously not tomorrow yeah.

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