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  1. That may explain those gloves he has on. They look like they could do some damage whilst protecting his own knuckles. Though I'm not sure about that black SS style nazi hat his 'mate' is wearing. Rather fitting perhaps? ?
  2. As my original reply was deleted. I'll just simply say That's all just a pack of lies.
  3. Labour are finished. A spent force. The Conservative party will walk the next 2 elections at least.
  4. To be perfectly honest. It's been one of the few things worth watching during the 'pseudo lockdown'. But you'd better back up that stuff on analogue tape before it gets forced underground/banned. I'm waiting for the hit single of 2020 'Forced Apology' ☺️ I'll answer the question as written. Unfortunately I don't have any homeless friends though I'm technically what you'd consider homeless myself (I just don't live in a Chipstick Box). It's okay though. I've tweeted PM Rashford so it should all get sorted out pretty soon.
  5. The foreign aid scenario runs something like this. Say your mate asks you for a tenner for food. Then later you see the same mate down the pub on their third pint and you ask "Hey I thought you needed that tenner for food?" to which they respond "Yeah, I did, I spent that tenner on food!"
  6. The most genuine and heartfelt tribute I've found.
  7. I've been waiting for the dust to settle on this one and for the mainstream media to prove that they are not indeed the No.1 enemy of the free people. But, there's something that doesn't quite sit right. It seems like more than half the story is missing. The free people of Britain need to know the answers to the following important questions: Why exactly did this poor white man's life need saving? And from whom? Additionally you can be sure that if indeed the poor white man whose life needed saving (for some seemingly unknown reason) was in fact a 'member of the far-right' as ha
  8. I'm interested in seeing how the play-offs (League 2 starts in a few minutes) go. The 2 Premier league games played so far were nothing short of a disgrace in terms of competitiveness - they basically played out like a couple of glorified on the beach end of season friendly type games and no amount of fake video game style crowd noise could make up for that. Incidentally, did anyone else find it funny how Arsenal sent out David Luiz to deflect from and take the blame for a thoroughly inept performance (even by friendly standards). So much for the 2020 Invincibles.
  9. Don't forget that India recently wasted a reported £330 MILLION on a massive racist statue. ?
  10. A few weeks ago I thought big ban Dom had no chance of being re-elected. However, especially given what's happened during the last few weeks I think things aren't going to be as clear cut, as a lot of people realise that the alternative will be quite horrific.
  11. I think it's mainly for the 'canned laughter generation' that need to be told when to laugh and told when to cheer.etc.
  12. LOL. England continues to be the laughing stock of the world.
  13. Rather interestingly Saudi Arabia are heavily involved in the modern day slave trade. The Saudis part own The Independent, . . .just let than sink in.
  14. https://twitter.com/SaintBrothel/status/1270480769685716992 Those racist cops doing what they do best again.
  15. I've wanted to post this for a while, but I was waiting for an upturn in form, so it didn't get lost in all the (probably justified) manager and team bashing that go along with bad performances and results. So before a possible Brentbashing this Saturday (eeek): Referring to past comments about the direction Rovers are supposedly heading in. What exactly does a Slow Build mean? Has this ever been explained? Does it refer to building Rovers Financially or Team Progression on the Pitch. As those 2 things are contradictory - as 'making money' would imply selling your best players for a
  16. I watched the Jimmy Greaves documentary last night (I thought he was just someone that was on TV back in the late 80s and early 90s - Saint & Greavsie on ITV for me - before Sky killed everything). But supposedly he also kicked a ball around way back before professional football was invented. Anyway, it was basically an Obituary. I had to look the guy up. ?
  17. They have been terrible in their last 2. Anyone would think they've just got back from a holiday.?
  18. It's February 2020. There's a LONG way to go in this tie yet, but so far Liverpool are playing like they aren't used to playing decent teams. ? #TinPotPremierLeague
  19. Isn't Johnson a 'climate denier'? It would look pretty hypocritical on his part to visit flood disaster zones and the like. Especially considering the Tories current environmental policies, including ripping down ancient woodlands, building on greenbelt lands, making up mumbo jumbo dates regarding future climate goals whilst at the same time throwing their appalling weight behind such things as fracking and spending billions of UK tax-payers money on Global fossil fuel expansion.
  20. We've also questioned whether there's a puppetmaster at Rovers pulling all the strings.
  21. That was the best T20 series ever. Normally there's a game ruined by D/L or an easy victory somewhere.
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