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[Archived] Projector Protest


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The projector protest at Leeds was a great idea. In terms of stuffing a message under the noses of the uneducated it would be a good thing to copy.

Leaflets are great if they get read and everyone gets one.

This way a message can be communicated en mass.

Thinking on the stadium or on Glens wall?

Not sure what type of projector to do it ourselves but wonder if the people at the Havelock have one for their outside thingy?

Plenty of nights to do trials on best projection point before next night match.


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Imagine if a slur could be beemed onto the pitch during a live sky game.

I thought the same...but floodlights wouldn't make it feasible. Needs to be dark 😁

Hacking into the big screen...now that would work.

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