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  1. I was thinking about all this last night. If Venky's truly are as rich as purported, then the money they are putting into the club is the equivalent of an average Joe having a week in Marbella once a year. By their rationale, keeping the club solvent and staying as owners is likely deemed enough to 'save face' in India. Beyond that - and as all the evidence points to - they simply can't be bothered, and may even take some spiteful pleasure in explicitly NOT doing what the more vocal supporters are demanding. These aren't the type of people who will ever have been dictated to by anyon
  2. I know it's the hope that kills, but... Just imagine if the Pune dopes just said 'to hell with it' and forked out for a top class manager on a bumper contract... OK, I'll wake up now.
  3. Rumours about Hughes? Do tell... God, what a lift that would be...
  4. That was an extremely weird and wildly inappropriate thing to say. Who does he think he is? And why wouldn't he, at the very least, pretend a defeat bothers him? Is it the petulant statement of a man about to be booted out? Or the spite of the unsackable ?
  5. Tony is right. Us working-class fans of working-class football will have toe-bogging and 50 yard wellies a-plenty, thank you very much. Our socio-economic background precludes appreciation of anything else, and - oh - to think how we suffered through all those seasons in the Premier League watching show-ponies like Tugay, Duff and Bellamy...
  6. Good God he talks some bollocks! Working class hero claptrap! The journey... Going in the right direction...
  7. Any beverage recommendations for tonight? In the same way that one pairs superb steamed whiting with a nice chilled Fleurie, what would be a suitable accompaniment to tonight's Tony Mowbray early bird?
  8. They potted Berg, Bowyer and Coyle (relatively) quickly though, didn't they?
  9. Forget Steve Waggott, why can't one of those chumps in Pune just do the right thing by us for ONCE, pick up the phone tonight, sack him and seek to appoint a decent - hell, Half-decent - manager to try and take the club forward? I mean in the name of God, why won't they just do what is patently necessary?? They might even enjoy seeing the team striving to win a few matches! Is this garbage never going to end from Venky's?
  10. Cracking point! Stopped the rot! "I said to them young fellers in that dressing room, sometimes life 'ands yer a point agin Coventry and ye take it and ye learn from it zzzzzzz z zzzzzzz zzz (picks ear)"
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