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  1. Interesting thread. The whole thing was such a disappointment. I remember, in Ireland, RTE covering the initial Rovers' CL ties but giving up on them before the end of the group stages because they were such drab, non-events. There was only 20,000 on at Ewood for the first game against Spartak Moscow. I remember David Batty, in his autobiography, saying that was when he knew he wanted out, he was disappointed that a bigger crowd hadn't turned out for a big European night.
  2. Seeing the thread title was like feeling my lottery numbers had finally come up... and then realising I hadn't bought a ticket.
  3. Tell me about it. We had such a jewel of a club, yet so few were willing to stand up and be counted. Why?
  4. FROM THE LT comments: Author: No 9 As manager TM will, I imagine. have a list of priorities in his head for BRFC. These will be, in order - Survival Debt reduction Balancing the books Assuming he can keep some semblance of control on that, the next list will be - Sell big-profit player(s) Buy good prospect inexpensive young players Loan-in players from (probably) NW big clubs who need play-time for their prospects Finally (for next season) - Avoid relegation from the Championship BRFC needs a manager like TM because he can do all the above. He's a survival manager who
  5. Bravo, sir. I'd urge anyone who can to go, to show solidarity with fellow suffering Rovers fans, if nothing else
  6. I get what you mean in the traditional scheme of things, of course football clubs need fans. Insofar as covering costs however, Venky's are - and facts back this up - much happier to issue loans than to make any meangingful attempt to keep fans satisfied. Whether there are 5k or 25k doesn't particularly matter to them, obviously, so - if they stick around - talk of Blackburn Rovers actually 'needing' fans is wide of the mark, I think. That is a mark of how they much they have ruined the club.
  7. What makes you think that the club will 'need' any fans 'very soon'? Venky's seem to get by fine and dandy writing cheques to cover the losses rather than trying to maintain the fans that have hung around or bring back the thousands who have walked away. There is no indication the Raos are leaving any time soon, and the amount that our shrunken supporter base contributes to the club's coffers is a drop in the ocean compared to the debt pile.
  8. I'm in Ireland, otherwise I would be there like a shot. Well done for having the initiative to organise a protest, great to see. Mowbray, Venus and Waggott are nowhere near good enough for Blackburn Rovers, and we need ridding of them as soon as possible.
  9. Darren, do you have concrete plans afoot to instigate a regime change in terms of the running operations at Ewood? I'm a tad 'confused' as you seem to hint about things happening in the background that you are working on etc without ever going into much detail. I'm curious.
  10. Absolutely disgraceful - yet again - but what can we do? Getting rid of Venky's and starting afresh - even be it as a Phoenix club - is the only way we will ever move on from this nightmare. After almost 11 years of this garbage is there anyone who honestly believe they are suddenly going to snap out of their 'confusion' and run the club with a modicum of respect for the fans? In the words of one of their bootlickers, 'get real'. I'd be behind any plan which could feasibly get rid of them - but does anyone have one?
  11. Ah ok. Thanks. Time will tell. Here's hoping both are given the boot very soon and the whole Brockhall plan goes out the door along with them. If the latter happened it really would go to show how conniving they have been - not that the LT comments brigade will bat an eyelid.
  12. You mean yesterday he was of that opinion, as a result of the silence?
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