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[Archived] A Simple Gesture Says A Thousand Words - #redcardtovenkys Brentford This Saturday


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Must admit Stuart a tear welled up in my eye at that photo.

Venkys, what have you done? What have you done?

Admit your mistakes and be gone, be gone.

Yes, Dave. The club has never been at such a low ebb in my lifetime. In fact never in its history.

How we hate these Indian owners. Getting shut of them is taking a very long time.

It will come about I'm sure but when, we know not. We keep up the demonstrations of every kind.

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Yes but rather less inspiring. Although no less scathing of Venkys.

This is what they've reduced us to...E4454194-0FD6-4CAD-853B-A6EA4013B4F7.jpg

Thanks Stuart, and well done to those organising and taking part.

We need to keep these protests going in some form at as many matches as possible. Keep the pressure up.

Is the northend away game on tv?

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