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[Archived] Have Venkys won?

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1 hour ago, Dunnfc said:

Given Ched's now been cleared and people like Ennis not even apologizing was it the usual abuse in this direction what a bloke would typically get Gummy?

He might have been found not guilty but what he did was disgusting and I would lose sleep if that filthy degenerate was associated with my club.

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7 hours ago, Suhail Slayer said:

Don't feel banned.... been banned before and would know if I was

Thread called - Have Venky's won ?

I answered concisely and correctly

Not the 47er show this is it ?


Majiball - good guy !


6 posts and you've been banned before? How's that work then?

I'm not looking for a ban for you by the way. I just assumed it would be automatic. Would have been once.

So I guess I'm waiting to see what new guidelines now apply.

if you do slay Suhail you'll get nothing but gratitude from me!

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7 hours ago, blueboy3333 said:

Unfortunately, yes. I'm sure you're chums with him. You seem very alike.

Not sure what  point you are trying to make here but, knowing you, it won't be very wholesome.(or accurate)

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