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[Archived] Owners Statement on Pre-Season Tour

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rovers.con.uk have announced pre-season details.

"The squad of 10 will tour East and West Lancashire with our first 'team' (sic) having mouth watering preparation games with AFC Darwen, Leyland Albion, Rossendale Rotters and the Chorley Panthers Rugby League Team.  These will take place behind closed doors to avoid embarrassment.

Further visits have been planned to the Little India Curry Emporium, Bukara and the Nabs Head Pub in Samlesbury where Rovers hope to win at tiddlywinks.

Any fans thinking of sponsoring these games should make a cheque payable to Mr Robert Coar.

Our owners thank their fans for the forthcoming support and early payment of Season Ticket monies is requested in order to help pay for the team bus."


I am really impressed all of this has been arranged so soon.  Things are looking up at Rovers.

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They are also including an overseas trip in the above itinerary to Angelsey for low level altitude training.

Practice sessions will involve sheep as we are short of training cones and a Welsh speaker is being recruited to make sure the sheep behave.

Cost cutting may mean that Suhail adds this job to his CV as he sounds Welsh anyway and the sheep may not notice and think him a ......... sheep.

A treat of a day out in Llandudno has been promised to the players but they have to buy their own sweets.

Captain Jason commented on the plans for this exciting tour "@$&? Off".

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Don't worry about the squad only being ten in number. We have signed four new players this morning. Suhail Pasha and Suhail Shaikh are the first two. They both have great potential as the can Ghost into the penalty area unnoticed so, scoring will be a breeze, from  there for them two. In addition to that, we have a couple of legends, whose names are not too clear at the minute, but they were legends at the club previously. They might have to remain anonymous at the minute, as they are just known as two guys. The owners don't know them, but they have heard one or two fans speak about their wonderful talent in the middle of the park.

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