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[Archived] News Article -> 22 Years On - Thank you Uncle Jack

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I never took into the account of the PL when I started in 99/00. Used to train at soccer centre in my youth, I just liked how the club and Blackburn people were.

in reality all that thanks to jack so thanks big man!  Wherever we go, il always have the memories including Leverkusen away!

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Well, go back 22 yrs and just around this time I was with my mates heading back towards Liverpool Lime Street as we headed back towards Leyland, totally pi$$ed up with joy and ale and all thanks to a fabulous team managed by King Kenny and Ray Hartford and players who played with pride, passion and guile, players who led by example, players who knew what it meant to be  part of BRFC and ALL of this under the watchful eye of our beloved fan Jack Walker.

I was lucky to be in the front rows of the Centenary stand that day and my best mate was on the pitch with Graham Le Saux as that final whilst went, ultimately this led to me being right in front of the Rovers team as they took the cup giving me some priceless shots from my camera, some far better than the press ever got !

Those days will never be replicated, they will never be beaten AND more importantly, no matter what these shameful owners of our great club do in the future, THEY WILL NEVER TAKE AWAY THE MEMORIES OF THAT DAY OR THAT WONDERFUL SEASON.


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Just watching the celebration event that they are shutting White Hart Lane (for 12 months). Some of the players they are wheeling out are real C listers - maybe it's a non-Spurs fan view.

Can't help think about the calibre of players that Rovers could parade as former players and managers.

Thousands of Spurs fans straight after a match day all celebrating together.

Yet, what did Rovers do two years ago? Had a secret event in front of an empty stadium with a small band of sycophants.

Very disappointing.

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