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[Archived] BRFCS Podcasts - how to get them in your Podcast app (iOS)

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A new episode will be dropping soon & I know many of you ask why they aren't on iTunes - the answer is, we're not entirely sure but we're investigating !

As a workaround in the meantime, if you are on iOS on iPhone or iPad - this should drop them into your podcast app & keep it up to date...


1. Go to a link - usually shown on the forum

2. Click the orange RSS button

3. Choose subscribe

4. Sit back & let the podcasts roll in 


Hope this works for you & that you enjoy the pods...







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5 hours ago, AllRoverAsia said:

This thread prompted me to finally get an App for my Samsung android phone. I chose Podcast Addict.

Just listened back to back to the Howard Kendall years. Brilliant.

Catching up with all recent ones too.

Any if the old ones especially worth a listen?

But of course....? 


It's a subjective issue...I enjoyed them all in the day but out of context some may lose their immediate relevance. Never thought I'd ever participate in them... #LivingTheDream ?

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