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Rovers wages compared to other Championship clubs

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Personally I've long thought the expectations of Rovers fans to be very demanding and that its time to get real in terms of what our turnover is now, what our player wages are, and where we should actually finish in the league. Nothing ever seems to change on that front though, irrelevant arguments about us winning the league 30 years ago etc seem to be persist.

Anyway, just to emphasise the point further (and because I'm clearly a bit sad!), I decided to look through the most recent accounts for all clubs on Companies House, which were for the 2021/22 season where we finished 8th under Mowbray. Couldn't find Derby's as they were going into administration so were a right mess.

But otherwise I hope the below demonstrates what Mowbray was up against back then and what JDT is massively up again this season (given Venkys cut our wage bill quite a bit over the summer). Our wages were mid-table in 2021/22, this season they're very likely solidly bottom half.

1. Fulham £90.4m
2. Bournemouth £61.4m
3. Notts Forest £58.6m
4. Stoke £47.9m
5. West Brom £42.4m
6. Sheff Utd £42.1m
7. Birmingham City £31.1m
8. Middlesbrough £28.4m
9. QPR £27.6m
10. Swansea £27.6m
11. Reading £25.3m
12. Preston £24.6m
13. Rovers £24.4m
14. Bristol City £23.8m
15. Millwall £22.3m
16. Cardiff £22.2m
17. Huddersfield £20.3m
18. Luton  £17.8m
19. Coventry £15.7m
20. Barnsley £13.1m
21. Hull City £12.7m
22. Blackpool £11.6m
23. Peterborough £9.1m
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It's a big challenge, we all know that, parachute payments are a ridiculous rigging of the competition.

But then we have a Category 1 academy and a top manager, many (most) others don't, so it's all swings and roundabouts. Oh and what were the wage bills of Luton, Cov and Sunderland's last season?

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This would have been a decent thread without the slagging the fans off for having high standards. Shame, really.

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