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    I think we should announce that we are going to semi-boycott the World Cup. We should confirm that we are going to play the first three games, and then go home. It could spare lots of blushes all around.
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    Disagree completely about Hughes being in any way at fault with his conduct here. The lack of support afforded him by the Walker Trust was an absolute disgrace given how well he'd done for us, he got us to within spitting distance of Champions League qualification then Savage broke his leg and the owners refused to fund a replacement. Little wonder he began to think his future lay elsewhere. Also as others have said, you can't compare Souness's departure to that of Hughes. Souness completely lost the plot here and should have been sacked long before Newcastle thankfully came in for him. We lined up with 5 left backs on the pitch for one game towards the end of his reigh.
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    Is it just me or is history repeating.? Our 'star' player gets injured before a major tournament (previously Beckham and Rooney respectively) and then gets picked to play in said major tournament even though clearly not match fit or match sharp. 'Star' player underperforms and we get knocked out, partly because we are playing someone who is not properly fit to the detriment of the team as a whole. In my opinion Kane has to prove himself to be back and at 100% before he gets picked. A fit Vardy or Rashford should get the nod ahead of a recovering Kane. Also, someone needs to nick that trumpet until after the tournament. That damn trumpet has been the funeral dirge accompanying English football for too long. It's a miserable noise. No wonder the players look lethargic with that horrible drone in the background. The theme tune for failure.
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    VAR to be used in the 2018 World Cup. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/43438344 Nerve agent to be applied against any VAR official going against the hosts.
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    The one thing that gives me hope (ridiculous, I know) is that as far as I see it there's none of the other top sides look unbeatable. Not disagreeing about the squads you mention being better than us by the way, but there is no, say, Spain of a few years ago for instance. Germany aren't as good as they were last time out in my view, Brazil have clearly improved but don't strike fear in the same way previous sides have, and there is Neymar's fitness issue. As ever, Argentina look amazing on paper but only Messi's heroics mean they're there in the first place. France have a quality squad, but their big guns aren't on form in the same way they were at the Euros. Spain look good too, but don't carry the same air of invincability that they did in their EC winning sides. Basically, I think it's wide open! Just a shame that it's almost certainly not going to be England that takes advantage!
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    I think the players will go, but fans will be advised not to. The FA and related authorities are cowards who'd be happy to go to any dodgy country if the money and prestige is there.
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    Livermore is part of one of the worst squads in the Premier League and has played (almost?) every game since Southgate took over. Unbelievable. Are there no better English midfielders?
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    That’s probably about the strongest we could go, I’d say.
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    Anyone else think it's entirely plausible that he just finished watching Independence Day right before this and thought it was a documentary? https://www.cnbc.com/2018/03/13/trump-floats-the-idea-of-creating-a-space-force-to-fight-wars-in-space.html
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    Shame for the lad - and for Rovers.
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    Just gone off injured in tears in his comeback game. Looks like a hammy again. Proper gutted, him returning would have been a huge boost

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