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  1. RoverKyle

    The Godlike Genius of Charlie Mulgrew

    Genuinely chuffed with this. A true sign of how together the squad is at the moment.
  2. RoverKyle


    I really don't understand how Harrison Reed is playing at this level. He looks a class above. If we manage to get him tied down in January that would be amazing.
  3. RoverKyle

    Ben Brereton

    I'll give you that, but I don't think an anonymous 35 mins up front against a rampant Derby side is enough to write him off. I thought the first half at Bolton showed that we can play some good stuff on the floor and not have to automatically lump it to Graham and see if it sticks. EDIT Just to clarify, I know Armstrong started on the bench that game and Graham started. I don't feel as though Armstrong would've been any worse had he started, the way that we were playing.
  4. RoverKyle

    Ben Brereton

    I don't buy the idea that if we lost Graham we'd suddenly be awful. When Armstrong played through the middle in the cup, albeit against Carlisle, there were signs that we could play a different style successfully if we needed to.
  5. RoverKyle

    Premier League Stuff

    I agree. His stock was rising massively with us and he'd built a good team. It was only early on in his managerial career but he'd already been talked about being a future successor to Alex Ferguson.
  6. RoverKyle

    Rovers v Leeds, Ewood, 12.00 KO, 20th October

    Nice to hear Mowbray buy into the idea that we could make a real push for the play offs. To do that you need to win games. And to win games you can't just sit off and let then opposition attack you for the rest of the game once you've taken the lead.
  7. Just as a follow on, the television changes won't necessarily have an impact on my decision on whether or not to renew. I have SkyGo, but that doesn't provide a red button option as far as I'm aware. Plus I prefer to go to games than watch them on TV!
  8. This is a bit of a funny one for me. I bought my first season ticket last season (coinciding with relocation to Liverpool) and bought again this season. I'm finding it difficult to get to mid week games, as the trains don't run late enough for me to get back home after the game. To get to them I have to essentially bribe my girlfriend with love & affection, a ticket to the game and a visit to Nando's pre game to make a bit of a night of it for her.. The whole set up has been working well to date, but as she's working on her PHD, her time is going to become more limited. For weekend games, I make the 2 hour trip there and back (I was surprised by how long it takes all in all) by myself with no qualms at all and enjoy the day out. Typically I have to miss 3/4 weekend games a season due to scheduling conflicts, so that coupled with my midweek travel issues, mean that I will seriously have to look into the cost benefit of purchasing a season ticket next season. That being said, if I don't buy one I'll make the journey to Ewood any weekend I'm available and purchase a ticket with Club 1975 membership. Plus it may free me up to attend a few more away games.
  9. RoverKyle

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Really don't know what to expect from this one, but after the showing against Sheffield United I think we'll come out fighting. Just bought my ticket for the game and looking forward to it. Never been to their stadium before.
  10. I'll put my hands up to say I've been one of Nyambe's biggest critics over the last season or so, however he's made great strides already this season. It looks like the full season playing in League 1 has done him the world of good. He can still look clumsy in possession, but people have already mentioned he's often able to recover well using his pace and strength. My main concern with him at the moment is his use of the ball in the final third. He doesn't seem to have a cross in him, so he always has to cut the ball back to Bennett to whip it in. It doesn't take a genius manager to pick up on that and essentially limit anything meaningful coming down our right side.
  11. RoverKyle

    Loan Window

    Reading between the lines, that sounds as though Chapman will be joining in January. Obviously providing that Boro sign the necessary replacements.
  12. RoverKyle

    Loan Window

    Haha fair enough. I haven't seen the image. Just a lot of mentions of big cats. By the sounds of Mowbray's comments, he'll either be signing here or staying put if it gets too late in the day or Boro don't sign enough players to warrant him going.
  13. RoverKyle

    Loan Window

    Just to be an arse and add to the silly Chapman destination debate, Millwall are known as The Lions. He's always posting pictures of his dog on Instagram, so maybe he's just an animal lover.
  14. - I expected Whittingham to be our stand out player last season and potentially our new captain at the time of signing. - For one of Gestede's first games with us on loan, I spent the whole 90 minutes calling him a donkey and claiming he wasn't good enough. How wrong I was. What a player; especially in the air.
  15. RoverKyle

    Loan Window

    Such a strange link. I don't see the appeal of Turkey unless it was one of the big boys. I was half expecting it to be teams like Boro, Derby and Celtic for some reason. I'd have been half concerned by the link then.

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