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  1. Fingers crossed lads. A signing like that would be really impressive.
  2. I'd agree with this. I like him as a player but there are question marks over whether or not he's good enough at this level. He'll get another deal in 12 months time if he proves himself and if he loves it at Ewood as much as he makes out, he'll take it.
  3. Would love that to be the case. He looks a player. Him and Armstrong/Chapman back and we start to look so much stronger.
  4. I think he does a good job for the LET. He's very active on Twitter and seems to find out a lot from the club.
  5. Ah fair enough. Didn't really know what was going on there..
  6. Who are we signing from Oldham?
  7. I've never really understood the criticism of Williams. He was a standout player for us in the run of games under Mowbray in the Championship, so I don't see any reason why he would struggle all of a sudden next season. He did have a few games at the start of last season where he did look poor (at home to AFC Wimbledon springs straight to mind), but even he's admitted that he grew into the season. Across the season he was one of our more consistent performers, which has culminated in an international call up. I'm looking forward to seeing him kick on next season.
  8. Love the idea of this forum ever settling down. We could be challenging for the Prem and people would be booting off.
  9. Fair play. That's understandable.
  10. I think it's really important that we keep Graham. He bailed us out in games last season on his own at times. He's no longer a 90 minute player but he's vital to the way we play and would be very hard to replace for reasonable money. I can understand concerns about his continued form and fitness, but I can't see a similar player costing us any less than £2mill in the current market. I'd be looking to offer him a 12 month deal with a 12 month extension as people have mentioned. Does anyone know why his 12 month extension hasn't just automatically kicked in?
  11. Completely agree with everything you've said apart from on Smallwood. I think he has enough quality for the Championship. It's not the technical side of things where he is lacking, it's his pace. He can look like a slug at times, but he's effective in that CM role.
  12. Totally agree. Either that or when he does actually get forward he pulls it back to someone for a cross.
  13. If it's a position he can comfortably play in - which it is - then it's not out of position.
  14. Travis has only just started to break into the first team last season, so I can understand why he would be hesitant to start him for a significant spell of games. I wouldn't say that's a trust issue. It just seems to be the way Mowbray handles his younger players. He was similarly hesitant with Chapman and Nuttall. Too many people seem to think playing Bennett at RB is playing him out of position. When he was on loan at Bristol City before joining us, he was regularly playing RB.
  15. The why does it matter comment was solely aimed at the squabbling over what position Travis plays, as opposed to whether or not we need to bring in a new RB. I think it's a bit premature to say that Mowbray doesn't trust Travis to play RB. I think it's more indicative of the trust he has in Nyambe at RB, that he hasn't tried to blood Travis into the role when he was missing. Personally I'm not a big fan of Nyambe, so I would look to bring in a new RB in the summer. Although I do appreciate his strengths and that he is highly rated by some, he has no final ball when he gets forward.

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