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  1. RoverKyle

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I've kept myself away from anything Rovers related on here and Facebook for a while now, as I've been silently fuming about how we've been getting on. I didn't want to be influenced by the overreaction parts of our fan base seem to stir up frequently. I've had enough this week though. - A great performance (but a weak point) against a Huddersfield team there for the taking. - A completely inept 'performance' against a Birmingham side that didn't seem up to much, completely failing to build on the previous performance. - Mowbray's ridiculous comments before the Man City game, sorry Preston game. We need a change of manager. Shades of Bowyer all over again. Similar mistakes as well. Can't even bring myself to go in to detail at the moment as I'm that pissed off with it all.
  2. It's such a blow for us as he was looking like a massive improvement in that position. I very much doubt we'll see him again this season, as you say. I tore my ACL about 6/7 weeks ago and it's such a strange feeling. I had very severe immediate pain when it happened and had to be carried off the pitch. Sitting on the sidelines with my leg outstrectched I genuinely felt like I could've gone back on. The hobble back to the changing rooms definitely proved that I couldn't! Had to spend 4 weeks working from home as I just couldn't get up and about. For the rigours of professional football, it's going to be at least 6 months before he can confidently get going again.
  3. RoverKyle

    Hull (A)

    I think what's promising about our team is we now seem to have a genuine goal threat from deep, in Johnson. I echo concerns that our forward players aren't delivering at the minute in terms of converting chances, but that will come. When you have the likes of Johnson and Downing (who both look like they could reach the 5 goal mark each) who can chip in, it takes the pressure off the strikers having to reach that 15-20 goal mark. I'd rather see us score goals from all over the pitch, than be solely reliant on a Dack or Graham to score all of our goals.
  4. RoverKyle


    It's quite exciting to be honest. I managed to get to my first game this season against Boro and the way our midfield ticked over was brilliant to watch. How long have we been calling for the Smallwood/Evans axis to be killed off. Seems we've finally got our wish.
  5. RoverKyle

    Middlesbrough (H)

    In the first half we created a few openings from open play. Gallagher came close to getting on the end of two balls and Graham on another. 2nd half was a bit quieter as we tired but Rothwell should've done better with Buckley's squared ball.
  6. RoverKyle

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    I think that's the key thing here. He's only going to be a back up CB. He's obviously going to end up playing quite a few games as Lenihan tends to have the odd short term injury every so often, but he should be good enough as cover. I actually quite like Williams (think I'm in the small minority on here) to be honest. It was his positional sense at LB which often left him exposed and look a lot worse than he is. Hopefully moving him inside helps him a little.
  7. RoverKyle

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Your point being he may not be as comfortable in a CB pairing? As you said yourself, he did look good in that role last season. Certainly more comfortable than he looked at LB anyway.
  8. RoverKyle

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    In all fairness, Williams was a CB at Bristol City and we decided to play him at LB. If anything he's now back in his natural position.
  9. RoverKyle

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    That's hilarious. The 'meltdown' is over whether we've sorted a replacement plus other defenders, not about losing Mulgrew.
  10. RoverKyle

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    There's absolutely no way they're letting Mulgrew go without a CB replacement. Must be someone coming in, alongside Cunningham hopefully! Tosin better be something special and made of titanium if not.
  11. RoverKyle

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    I'm glad you're not in charge of picking the team!
  12. RoverKyle

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    We were linked with him a while back weren't we? Looks as though he doesn't play for QPR anymore.
  13. RoverKyle

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Literally never heard of Greg Cunningham before he was linked to us, but he sounds like a good signing from what people are saying. If this does indeed go ahead, at least it's a sign that Mowbray realises we have an issue at left back!
  14. RoverKyle

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Too early for Mowbray out calls IMO. Give it 10 games then see where we are. If there are no positive signs at that stage, then I agree he's got to go. A couple of things are really annoying me though. Our pre season didn't include any real tests. We should've been fit and firing for Charlton and instead we just seemed woefully underprepared. Defence wise, I won't even go there. We all know what Mowbray said about last season and we all know what we saw last season. That needed to be addressed and it hasn't.
  15. RoverKyle

    Kits 19/20

    Did they say when it would be released?

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