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  1. Jan

    [Archived] Top Gear

    Always liked cars, but became a huge petrolhead because of TG. Have attended the recording of the show, and they are all really likeable off screen. Also been to the live show at excel centre. Now I just have to win the lottery to get my Pagani Hyararara ( or however it's spelled)
  2. I joined in 1995 or 1996. I was the first person, after Lee Grooby, in the chat room! I don't post much any more because I don't go any more. I loathe the Venkys with a poison. I stopped going just after Kean got made up. I knew exactly from the day he was what would happen. For those who wanted Big Sam gone i say- Karma's a bitch, isn't it? personally, I sat too near the home dugout for safety as i would have taken a very large knife to use on Kean had I kept going. I still watch for our results, but have fallen out of love with football, mainly due to the comparison with the events i attended at the Olympics and Paralympics which were wonderful. Not a multi-millionaire rolling around on the ground in sight. I will go back when the Venkys go, if I haven't been soured too much by then. Maybe if they come out and say that they've been stupid, have taken bad advice, will sit back and let football people manage the club and never attend again, I might go back while they're still there. We are a perfect example of why overseas owners are disastrous.
  3. Why on earth would you do that? You're not supporting the club by doing it. The club a we knew it is dead. You're giving money to the Wankys- money that they'd have to fork out themselves otherwise. Or not and just do what any sensible fan wants them to do and just go. Administration would do for me. I'd pay to go to see Rovers in the conference, but not if this shower have anything to do with them. It is my fervent wish that Desai, the Raos, Agnew, Shaw and Singh die horribly and painfully. Preferably in full view of the fans so we can applaud and celebrate.
  4. Just don't go. Simple. Effective. And losing them more money. All good.
  5. It will be another rubbish manager who's cheap. I'm sure you've all got yourself excited and hopeful before. Doing that now IS the definition of madness. It will be Judan Ali who will be shiter than the ones so far but like Kean won't be sacked.
  6. Voted don't care. He was an irrelevance. He was as useless a manager as his CV suggested. But we'll hire someone equally rubbish who will relegate us. Therefore his going or staying was totally irrelevant to the outcome of the season. Bowyer did well before, but the Numpties behind the scenes will play another game of "my d*ck's bigger than yours" and we'll probably hire another bald eedjit with no more understanding of football than the Desai bint ( I'm female, I can call her a bint) No manager is the problem. The problem is a bunch of Asian chicken farmers who wouldn't know a football if it bit them. And until that's solved, I don't care.
  7. That would be nice, but unlikely. They've shown no inclination to sell, so utter humiliation is the best way to get them to back the feck off. And yes, it will be difficult to come back up, but it's impossible with these jokers.
  8. I think either dead or in prison, but I like your thinking. One of the few people on my wavelength. Now, as a Henry VIII allegedly said "who will rid me of this troublesome priest" to which I'd add -and the chicken farmers who own him. "Anyone solving this problem to be most handsomely rewarded"
  9. Do you know it would be nice if, just for once, some of the people on this board would realise something important. MANAGERS LIE. They do it all the time. Souness lied his tits off about Dunn for months and you lot bought it hook line and sinker. Kean lied about Nelsen as well, and there were apologists for him to the end. Appleton has as well. But still we have those people with their glazed expressions going "the manager is always right, the manager is always right". Grow up And smell the roses
  10. Simple. The worse their plaything performs, the sooner they'll go. Even in India it won't look good for them to have taken a well performing Premier League side and turn it into a League 1 side in 3 years. Although it would be much better if it was still called the 3rd division- it would be easier to show what abject failures they are as owners. Well seen it wasn't this lot that made the family fortune.
  11. Unfortunately true. Just so sad that the snowball which hit the Wankys wasn't a Molotov cocktail. Now that would have made me laugh. A lot.
  12. Nope. Every loss makes them more likely to feck back off to where they came from. Short term pain for long term gain.
  13. I've been away for ages but just read this topic. Rovers Fan is obviously a stooge put on here by the Wankys to try to rouse people to action. How little they know of the locals. We don't want them, their stooges or anything to do with them. I wouldn't pee on them if they were on fire unless I magically could pee petrol. This club will continue to fester until they just bugger off to whatever hole they emerged from. Then we'll all help put the club back together. And never let it out of fan ownership again.
  14. I'm past wanting any of them sacked. I want them all burnt. The Wankys more than anyone.

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