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  1. West Yorks Rover

    QPR Away

    If we lose to Hudds(h) and Brum(a) the fans might turn if, as we probably will, get thrashed at Deepdale. He'll have to walk, won't he ?
  2. West Yorks Rover

    QPR Away

    Not a bad shout, his Brighton teams in this League were always well organised and played nice football.
  3. West Yorks Rover

    QPR Away

    4-1 now and 1 point off the top. If only !
  4. West Yorks Rover

    QPR Away

    I'd take a 6-0 battering, if I thought they'd sack him or he'd walk.
  5. West Yorks Rover

    QPR Away

    We haven't lost at Loftus Road since 1993, W 5 D 5 L 0, is another record about to go today ?
  6. West Yorks Rover

    QPR Away

    Salford City 1-0 up at Walsall, assist from Craig Conway.
  7. West Yorks Rover

    West Brom Away

    If we are going to equalise, best to do it in 90+6 mins, so they have no time to come back. Very cunning plan.
  8. West Yorks Rover

    West Brom Away

    This could become embarrassing for Mowbray, meanwhile PNE winning at Forest.
  9. West Yorks Rover


    Wasn't it Mowbray who said the target is top 6. ?
  10. West Yorks Rover


    Cardiff have made the better start, according to BBC reporter ?
  11. West Yorks Rover

    Bolton Wanderers Unpaid Staff Need Food bank.

    Who is going for his 4th relegation and him still a young man.
  12. West Yorks Rover

    Middlesbrough (H)

    Not sure I like the way this is going, chances all but dried up 2nd half and their sub hits the post. Oh and no Graham.
  13. West Yorks Rover


    Preston manager fielded a pretty strong team, winning 3-0 at Bradford.
  14. West Yorks Rover


    Obviously still suffering from Mowbrayitis, should pass in a few weeks.
  15. West Yorks Rover

    Fulham Away

    PNE 3 Wigan 0 Charlie might get a game next week.

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