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  1. ....and at the moment I wouldn't be surprised if we nick this!
  2. moerpho

    Loan Window

    What a day if this turns out to be true. Beating a (kinda) highflying Brentford with a League One team and now Brereton coming in. I haven´t had such a grin on my face since promotion was secured earlier this year.
  3. moerpho

    ROVERS v Brentford

    Absolute fantastic win! Try to remember those horrible years with Bowyer and Coyle....we would have lost this one by some margin. The team spirit is unbelievable and todays win was huge. No player bigger than the squad and everyone playing for the manager. Having a hard time choosing a MOM but if i have to: Tony Mowbray. Despite a horrible transfer windows he keeps the team ticking along like a finetuned swiss clock. It´s been a while but for the first time in years I think the «.......Blue and White Army» is well deserved as in «Tony Mowbrays Blue and White Army!» Also...COYB!!!! Now out for a few expensive beers and some celebration!
  4. moerpho

    ROVERS v Brentford

    5 mins!?! The referees in this league... This could be MASSIVE! COYB!!
  5. moerpho

    ROVERS v Brentford

    Great goal by Palmer and fantastic save from Raya. Really expected nothing but a defeat in this one looking at the line-up, but this team has something about them: team effort! Now bring on mr. Graham to hold up the ball and let us grab 3 points!
  6. moerpho

    Bradley Dack

    Haven't been this excited and proud of a player since the days of Duff, Dunn and Jansen. Here's hoping - somewhat delusional - that he will get his PL debut in blue and white halves.
  7. moerpho

    Hull away

    Seemed calm and composed throughout the game. Never felt threatened by Hull despite Raya's great display. Great team effort. COYB!🤟
  8. moerpho

    Fulham - Sunday 13Th September

    Replay shows the ball was over the line!
  9. moerpho

    Fulham - Sunday 13Th September

    Akpan on for Evans
  10. moerpho

    Fulham - Sunday 13Th September

    Two horrible teams, but probably entertaining if your a neutral. Agonising if you're a fan of either team.
  11. moerpho

    Fulham - Sunday 13Th September

    Penalty.....now this will be interesting....
  12. moerpho

    Fulham - Sunday 13Th September

    About to post the same thing. Only player with both ability and desire.
  13. moerpho

    Fulham - Sunday 13Th September

    Koita on for Delfouneso
  14. moerpho

    Fulham - Sunday 13Th September

    Speechless......as bad as I've ever seen Rovers! How the mighty hell can they get three shots from 5 yards with NONE of our defenders looking even remotely interested in getting the ball away?!?!? Only player performing this far is Steele and he's already let two in behind him. Doesn't matter if Rovers by some miracle will turn this around in 2nd half scoring the needed 5 goals (just assuming....) it's clear for all to see that something has to change.

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