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  1. moerpho

    Fulham - Sunday 13Th September

    Replay shows the ball was over the line!
  2. moerpho

    Fulham - Sunday 13Th September

    Akpan on for Evans
  3. moerpho

    Fulham - Sunday 13Th September

    Two horrible teams, but probably entertaining if your a neutral. Agonising if you're a fan of either team.
  4. moerpho

    Fulham - Sunday 13Th September

    Penalty.....now this will be interesting....
  5. moerpho

    Fulham - Sunday 13Th September

    About to post the same thing. Only player with both ability and desire.
  6. moerpho

    Fulham - Sunday 13Th September

    Koita on for Delfouneso
  7. moerpho

    Fulham - Sunday 13Th September

    Speechless......as bad as I've ever seen Rovers! How the mighty hell can they get three shots from 5 yards with NONE of our defenders looking even remotely interested in getting the ball away?!?!? Only player performing this far is Steele and he's already let two in behind him. Doesn't matter if Rovers by some miracle will turn this around in 2nd half scoring the needed 5 goals (just assuming....) it's clear for all to see that something has to change.
  8. moerpho

    Fulham - Sunday 13Th September

    That didn't take long.......our defending is superb as always!
  9. moerpho

    Premier League Happenings

    Just waiting for Chelsea to score two and nick that 2nd place. Serves the scousers right after "winning" the title waaaaaay to early. Don't think Gerrard will get to experience winning the title. His big chance was this season and they bottled it. I seriously think that if they'd keep their mouths shut and rather concentrated on winning their remaining games they might have nicked it, but after all the talk of "we can't lose this now" things been going downhill so to speak. Congrats to Man City! Not my favourite team, but out of the other contenders I guess I at least can somehow stomach them winning it.
  10. moerpho

    Premier League Happenings

    And then we know who will be joining us in the Chamionship next season: Norwich, Fulham and Cardiff. Norwich could still by some unreal corrupt miracle stay in the PL, but a negative 32 goaldifference versus West Broms 15 is a big ask. See now that Norwich has only scored 28 goals this season - really really bad. I know some on here think they will be a real contender next season, but I have a hard time seeing. Losing mentality etc and none of these teams will get it easy in the Championship. On to the title - as much as I would like for some of my Liverpool-supporting friends to get the experience of winning the PL, I can't help but snigger to myself. Something about how they gave themselves the title before it was over while Man C kept quiet. Almost as nice as seeing Moyes at Man U. It really has been a fun season hasn't it?
  11. If next season mirrors the previous seasons from an objective standpoint this is what will probably happen: - one or two teams that have performed well this season will struggle next season - an underdog will be up there in the mix throughout the season - everyone beats everyone - some of our best performers this season will disappear next season (like Kane last season) - some of our bad performers will be better after preseason - someone will show great or bad form in preseason matches only for the opposite to happen when the season starts - how we start the season will probably mean zilch for where we end up next year I really hope that Bowyer is given a chance to keep to core of his team together over the summer. If he can manage to keep hold of Cairney, Conway, Evans, Rhodes, Gestede, Marshall and King I think we have a real chance. Our main problem this season has been defending. You can blame Bowyer all you want, but the players should take their fair share of the blame. Too many avoidable goals conceded - too many schoolboy errors from our central defenders. One can only hope that this will be the focus over the summer as I think we're fine going forward. Burnley only scored 2 goals more than us this season, but conceded 25 less. I think that will be the key to going up - not just gung ho going at 'em at all cost. I'd rather have a season of 1-0's than 4-3's as boring as that might sound. I also think some people on here underestimate the value of this unbeaten run at the end of the season. Last season we had a team that was used to losing and thus looked like they expected to lose when going behind. I think that is a hard thing to get rid of and why teams relegated from the PL often struggle compared to expectations (QPR walking this league etc). Keep the team together, sort out the defence and focus on that winning culture and we should be a contender for one of those top 6 places. I was on the fence about Bowyer but now believe that he might be able to get us up. For the first time in ages I'll be really looking forward to a new season.
  12. moerpho

    Wigan predictions

    Was about to post the exact same thing. Can feel it in my bones, it's written in the skies etc etc. So close but oh so far away!
  13. moerpho

    Premier League Happenings

    Heh...looks like my predictions will come to true. Too bad I didn't have any money to gamble today.
  14. moerpho

    Championship Revenue 2012/13

    Scary to see how much of our revenue is parachute payments. Thanks for posting this. Really puts things into perspective for numbnuts like myself.
  15. moerpho

    Premier League Happenings

    Must say I'm kinda looking forward to todays programme in the PL. One game that will more or less ensure relegation for the loser (Sunderland - Cardiff) and one game that will be very important in the title race (Liverpool - Chelsea). I think Sunderland will absolutely crush Cardiff and manage the great escape this season. Cardiff is just another example of what will happen to your club when insane people get their hands on it. In my view their doomed to relegation and won't go up again next year no matter how much money they spend. Not unlike Rovers in other words... Liverpool - Chelsea will be a interesting spectacle, but I fear it will be a boring one. Got a feeling that Mourinhos mindgames this week will pay off and Chelsea will avoid losing this one. Won't be the least bit surprised if they go on to win the game, but still think Liverpool will win the league. This will be the first big test for Rodgers as a manager. Win this and they are oh so close - lose and I think nerves might come into play. Gut says 0-0, but hoping for a fun game.

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