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  1. moerpho


    The way he set up teams we would not have gotten 1-1. Say what you will about Bowyer....great man, good coach, decent manager, big heart for Rovers....but he never instilled that never-say-die attitude to the squad. Still a great man and one I will remember fondly so perhaps a bit harsh to put him in with the others....
  2. moerpho


    Never say DIE! This lot....what to say....this would've been like 3-0 or 4-0 under Kean/Bowyer/Coyle/Berg....take your pick from the dross of Venky's managers. 1-1 against West Brom away without strikers, our best defender gone after 15 min and close to 15 min (I think?!) with Richie effin Smallwood in goal?!?! That is absolutely amazing and I'd dare anyone to say they would have done a better job with this squad of players. Not since Hughes (of old) have I seen such a manager at Blackburn Rovers. Keep us in the division with a squad full of League One-players and you should be made a knight by the Holy Board of BRFCS know-it-alls, Tony. A knight....really....😉 Oh....and COYB!!!
  3. moerpho


    Nope...no matter how this goes my one aim for this season is to stay in the Championship. As long as Venkys owns this club I will take every little bit of positivity and treat it like "my precious". Look at the ponint tally ffs! And yeah yeah...I know I know....jinx and so on....will keep my mouth/fingers shut 'till the game is over😋
  4. moerpho


    Been reading all the moaning about the setup from Mowbray for this one, and to some extent I agree. But I have learned something after Mowbray.....we have a team that _will_ say "never say die" and effin bleed for the emblem that is the rose we all love. We should in all honesty be losing this one. No strikers, our one good central defender off with injury after 15 mins and no height to speak off (this is the championship after all....) - despite all this we STILL manage a goal away from home to a team that got relegated from the PL last season.....and keep in mind we that we just got promoted....as second best. In short: Nevermind the moaners.....In Mowbray We Trust!😃
  5. ....and at the moment I wouldn't be surprised if we nick this!
  6. moerpho

    Loan Window

    What a day if this turns out to be true. Beating a (kinda) highflying Brentford with a League One team and now Brereton coming in. I haven´t had such a grin on my face since promotion was secured earlier this year.
  7. moerpho

    ROVERS v Brentford

    Absolute fantastic win! Try to remember those horrible years with Bowyer and Coyle....we would have lost this one by some margin. The team spirit is unbelievable and todays win was huge. No player bigger than the squad and everyone playing for the manager. Having a hard time choosing a MOM but if i have to: Tony Mowbray. Despite a horrible transfer windows he keeps the team ticking along like a finetuned swiss clock. It´s been a while but for the first time in years I think the «.......Blue and White Army» is well deserved as in «Tony Mowbrays Blue and White Army!» Also...COYB!!!! Now out for a few expensive beers and some celebration!
  8. moerpho

    ROVERS v Brentford

    5 mins!?! The referees in this league... This could be MASSIVE! COYB!!
  9. moerpho

    ROVERS v Brentford

    Great goal by Palmer and fantastic save from Raya. Really expected nothing but a defeat in this one looking at the line-up, but this team has something about them: team effort! Now bring on mr. Graham to hold up the ball and let us grab 3 points!
  10. moerpho

    Bradley Dack

    Haven't been this excited and proud of a player since the days of Duff, Dunn and Jansen. Here's hoping - somewhat delusional - that he will get his PL debut in blue and white halves.
  11. moerpho

    Hull away

    Seemed calm and composed throughout the game. Never felt threatened by Hull despite Raya's great display. Great team effort. COYB!🤟

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