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  1. moerpho

    Championship season 2019-20

    What a delightfully bonkers league this is! Must say I prefer the drama of the Championship to the rigged theaterplay in the Premier League. Too bad there's no Rovers in one of the main roles....
  2. What horrorshow is this - Wigan 1-0
  3. Gally off for Samuel. Holtby off and Arma oin. Travis off and Johnson on. Ok....
  4. Travis down and stop in play. Hope he is ok!
  5. So what do the manager tell the boys at half time? Both teams now have 5(!) subs left that could easily change the game either way. Wouldn´t it be funny if someone subbed 5 players at half time - that´s half the team. On the game I agree with most here. Off with Bennet and Gallagher - in with Arma and Johnson. Other than that I think we have been the dominant team. Just missing a bit more bite up front.
  6. Who tipped off Wigan about our «Left back«?
  7. Better now, but we are really missing Arma.
  8. Solid performance by Rovers and well deserved 3 points. Good to have fotball back despite the iFollow-debacle and a win always feels good. Onwards and upwards!

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