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  1. Rovers v Blackpool

    mobray https://audioboom.com/posts/6716969-you-can-almost-see-the-finishing-line-manager-tony-mowbray-as-blackburn-take-another-step-towards-promotion-to-the-championship
  2. Rovers v Blackpool

    “I’ve not seen Curtis Tilt’s header but it’s probably about 10 feet over the line. If it is over the line, that just adds to the frustration." - Gary Bowyer. 10/03/2018.
  3. Rovers v Wigan

    Think ref is having a fine game, personally.
  4. Coyle's new job

    I don't think he's too worried
  5. England World Cup Campaign

    Great atmosphere, but very dull game apart from the end. Tend not to watch games with the commentary on, as it just annoys me, but had no choice yesterday. Wonderful hypocrisy from the ITV commentary crew as I didn't hear any criticism from them when Cahill was play acting, and Southgate waving an imaginary card was meet with total silence.
  6. Previous Game: Nottingham Forest Away

    anyone got online radio link? radio lancs on DAB is blackpool
  7. Burton away - Friday 24 Feb - 6 pointer

    Kevin Gallacher weak as pi$$ on commentary as ever.
  8. Burton away - Friday 24 Feb - 6 pointer

    sounds promising, but really think we're going to need at least another goal. hope the fitness holds up...
  9. The Coming War On China

    One of the finest investigative journalists alive.
  10. Enders (Knob) V Mighty Rovers

    atrocious penalty, but in at the fourth attempt.
  11. Rovers V Wolves - The Game Itself Thread.

    wolves player very lucky not to get second yellow.
  12. Glen Mullan's Blogs

    Will you release the Jerome Anderson phone call?
  13. Open Floor Meeting To Unite The Fans

    Is the audio available?
  14. Www.venkysout.com

    BBC match report from the Spurs game I even watched the manager interviews. My personal highlight; Redknapp on Kean: "He's had a difficult year. He's showed fantastic ... [shrug] ... y'know." Cheers Harry! Insightful as ever.
  15. Where Will Rovers Finish This Season 16/17

    Can we have a poll? I will go for 20th. Enjoy this while you can, as it's probably all downhill from here...