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  1. Win lose or draw this ref is seriously biased. Travis booking yes all day long but saw where the three challenges from the big club. His inconsistency is consistent with he’s performance at luton
  2. After stoke in particular and Sheffield Wednesday it’s refreshing to watch a team want to play.
  3. Where just never the finished article. Change our style but not our win rate. Teams just sit back and watch us pass ourselves to death. It’s shite but different shite same outcome. There is a point where you just want to give up Has Pulis said he’s been lucky to been given the chance to build a team, So when can I expect us to start winning because we are now in our death spiral of results I only have one question how much time ?
  4. I bet you they don’t. We are not great but what they dished up is only successful now and again. They got away with that shite because we are, so let’s not start applauding that demonstration of how to play football has a home side. Stinks and if we did that( not that we’re capable you and I would be screaming). Away ok decent but not on your home patch. Never ever can you accept that. Unless your playing Barcelona. It was like a cup tie prem v northern conference. Shameful. That is not defending us but is a criticism of what if just watched stoke wheel out.
  5. So that’s O’Neil’s stoke. Horrible awful ugly. We lacked the guile but Christ they’re negative and that’s at home. The worst I’ve witnesssed. Will they get promoted no chance a group of old lags. If that’s what they want to put out good luck to them.
  6. Buckley is pretty reasonable on the ball it’s what he does off it that creates problems. There was a point in the second half where he rolled the ball to nyambe but didn’t run into space to receive a return. Nyambe was pointing where to go and he was jogging. Travis for example wouldn’t need telling and watching Nyambe develop nor would he.
  7. I miss being a flat track bully. Even though it didn’t last long
  8. Yeah a couple of seasons ago on their forum. Went on to look what their opinion of rovers was prior to the game and in the forest thread that was part of a discussion that they where having. Looked brentford up to see what they’d won and other than some southern conference thing nothing. Has the previous poster said they are really annoying and full of delusions of grandeur
  9. I agree with that an arrogance without achievement. The one that turned me off them was a comment that they should be beating a team like notts forest. That’s the notts forest that’s has one the European cup unlike the Brentford that’s won the sum total of nothing. They think they are the greatest thing that’s happened to football me and the fellas I go with call them Brazil.
  10. In the great scheme of things does how much Brereton cost or how bad he was previously matter. He didn’t ask to be bought for that amount so when did it become his responsibility. Has a club a lot of our spending has been farcical and the brereton fee if 100% true is minor. If we where all measured and judged on what we did previously in our career there would be very few on here who could say yeah we have just been great. It’s about improving and without any doubt this lad has got his head down and worked and that in any walk of life should be applauded. I’ve watched every game an
  11. We need a clinical finisher. Armstrong will go on a run of goals but he’s championship no more no less and no one else will regularly score. We are great with the ball and do look like a play off team until we get near the box and then we are average and at the end that will cost us. Mistakes in defence happen because we put ourselves under pressure by not taking our chances. Where Watford that much better probably not Bournemouth, Forrest Cardiff we just don’t take the half or full chances. Hopefully dack will make the difference if not I cant see where the leap from contenders to winn
  12. What he’s put in a great shift. Head and shoulders above some of that out there. I’ll accept criticism where it’s due. You only get a foul if you have the ball. So if you mean he’s been involved in the right areas then yeah your right.
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