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  1. Walsall v Rovers

    Was it not Newcastle away??
  2. Half Way Stage 2017/18

    Statistically two teams with more than 88.1 points will finish in the top two unless something unusual happens ie last seasons relegation. The question is then which teams we believe subjectively are best equipped to achieve this. Are form after a stuttering start, squad numbers and a style of play that relies on organisation and flashes of individuality suggests that it is achievable. if you had to place your last money on us or one of the others barring maybe Wigan were would you put it?
  3. Half Way Stage 2017/18

    I agree with Jimedd it’s achievable. It’s not pretty but it seems to be effective. Will we get another 47 points ? Yes and possibly a few more.
  4. Northampton Town v Rovers

    It’s like a re run of Oldham.Ward can’t play football. Whittingham can’t tackle or play an incisive pass.To use the old joke he’s barber shop short back and sideways. The only thing that could make it worse is if jack Byrne appears for them in the second half
  5. ROVERS v Fleetwood

    I’m open to most observations but ward is poor. At Oldham he turned his back on the ball when a player took a shot. He doesn’t head but tries to defend with his feet. For a big fella he is slow and has the turning circle of a Spanish galleon and these are his positive attributes
  6. ROVERS v Fleetwood

    We can run through formations,tactics, selections etc but Gillingham, Oldham and tonight makes me start to wonder if we’re just not very good. Has a product it is boring and has little or no entertainment value. Players come into the team and out again but it’s dire, personnel changes make little difference. Defenders move the ball languidly across a back line looking to play a pass to a static midfield.Fowards are out muscled and out thought by opposition journey men. This however pales into insignificance to when we need to defend. We don’t press the ball or get stuck in. Defending is a team game and some of our players negate that responsibility for whatever reason(whittingham) has a result mediocre players run through us ( jack Byrne Oldham). Obviously this is just my subjective view and can be countered by the rolled up sleeves at Wigan and the Portsmouth match. I would like to suggest that to be successful in any walk of life you need to have passion and commitment and this leads to a consistency of performance.This is were we fail and until we either find players who have these attributes naturally or a motivator who can instil them into his team I think what we are witnessing will continue. Accepting second best is easy and that is where we are.
  7. Oldham away

    Somethings missing is organisation commitment it can’t be talent? But we are poor in apoor league. I’ve watched dale a lot in this division and I’m positive Hill would make a far better fist of this than Mowbray with what’s at his disposal
  8. Oldham away

    after today against the mighty Oldham the bed time note for the manager players and club is you don’t deserve us and in football world we should be in awe of you
  9. Oldham away

    Agree with this however I thinks byrnes man of the match performance was aided and abetted by our teams inability to function as a unit. Whittingham can not stand there and not tackle. It’s not an option. The spine of our team was poor and as you say our expectation of victory without effort was evident. hypocritically we should be able to beat Oldham and I apologise to oldham for my arrogance
  10. Oldham away

    Sorry but is Mowbray on something. That was oldham not Real Madrid. Oldham talented. My god man. I know things have gone down hill but for god sake I do not believe that Oldham are talented. im not often derogatory but what an arse. That is an apologist way of explaining an inability to do their job. So they are more talented than we expected given two weeks of planning. what is it they surprised us with endeavour? A good attitude? Wanting to win? Commitment to the shirt? tackling? Passing? Working for each other as a team? What a set of talented clever b.......ts
  11. Oldham away

    A great day out with guys who really care. Unfortnately we aren’t on the pitch. A special mention for lack of effort for whitingham a new Murphy not a single positive contribution , none ,zilch, nothing. If he reads this warnock shifted you from Cardiff for a reason see above. Secondly and less derogartory Elliot ward tries hard but I’m 57 and I would. Can’t run, tackle or head and has no positional sense. However unlike whittingham I believe he’s doing his best. Then there’s our manager. He’s managed teams in this division but doesn’t seem to appreciate what’s needed. We move ourselves and the ball slowly, no aggression or commitment even compared to Oldham. Second to everything and looked surprised at being thrown around. International breaks and time to prepare and that’s it. How much time does he need to recognise we have to tackle, chase and out fight them. We have to win the right to play. I assume he will blame the players but warnock took over a failing Cardiff team. Discuss the art of management.
  12. Academy & U'21's

    From today a draw was a fair result. Norwich right back samu was a country mile better than everyone else. Rovers in terms of the game Travis was our best. In my opinion hardcastles sending off was harsh. Nuttall was ok but if you want first team ok is not good enough. Of the others mols played well. On a more general observation Mowbray questions the value of the academy and he may have a point. If we can't produce academy players good enough for league one at what level are they good enough. Is it better to pay more in wages for those who don't make the grade at the bigger clubs academy's rather than spend money on our own. This is a general observation based on one game and is therefore of limited value but as parsonblue has said if we're not going to use them what's the point.
  13. Academy & U'21's

    Platt mistake 1v1
  14. Academy & U'21's

    Nuttall scores header 1v0
  15. Transfers Part 3

    nuttall only a young lad. Went to a good school at city. Didn't find the right job in Scotland first time out. Sounds like most of us unless your lucky but it's what you learn from that. 5 goals and trying hard that should be good enough.