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  1. Boroblue

    Tony Mowbray Appointed Head Coach

    I’ve been highly critical of the team selection and performance last night in the game thread. However I have nothing but the upmost respect for Mowbray and I can’t envisage a set of circumstances where I would call for his head. Even with the recent slump he has given us a team that you can be proud of regardless of their limitations and I would much prefer to be lead by someone who cares than all the dross managers we’ve had recently. (Although I do like a bit of winning as well please)
  2. Boroblue

    Wigan V ROVERS 28/11/18

    It’s not being beaten that’s the problem it’s the way it happens. Midfielders in defence making errors, the same midfielders week in week out in midfield repeatedly making the same errors. Then finally if that isn’t enough midfielders for one team we shove the buggers up front while a seven million striker with 50 championship appearances sits on the bench because. Quote he needs to work on his strength. We seem to have developed a habit of folding and whilst I hold no professional qualifications in football l suggest that it may help having less midfielders and let’s say more defenders in defence but that may be me being amateurish
  3. Boroblue

    Wigan V ROVERS 28/11/18

    Stop talking and changes things. Rothwell doesn’t need to learn things he’s as good as what we’ve got and brings impetus to the game. Brerton is better as a striker than both Dack an Palmer. Why firstly it’s his natural position. two he’s taller and more importantly he has played more championship games in that position than both of them. just thoughts, but I can almost guarantee he won’t changethe team in conclusion Conway for nyambe. Really really he must stop smoking that strong shit.
  4. Boroblue

    Wigan V ROVERS 28/11/18

    Complete and utterly agree. Bell appalling but it’s unfair to signal out individuals. The fella on the touch line set them up and put them out there. He says no wholesale changes I think he needs to think again. I’m going to stop because I’m boring myself. yes he got us out of a shit league but I feel we should be trying to be better. this is his team selection and tactics and it’s shit . Ps I’ve been home and away and prior to losing it’s still been shit. We just got away with it
  5. Boroblue

    Wigan V ROVERS 28/11/18

    No although he’s a right back. But that was so shit I’d play him there.
  6. Boroblue

    Wigan V ROVERS 28/11/18

    Very rarely I’m I moved to say this but this is just a bag of bollocks.
  7. Boroblue

    Preston tickets

    There aren’t many rovers fans in the picture but there’s not that many of them either. So I assume the point being made is our travelling support is equally as poor has their home support. Nice one
  8. Boroblue

    Preston tickets

    It really is hard to tell. We have a good away following who are not always the same people and therefore probably a larger cumulative number than the figures suggest game on game. Given the right set of circumstances ie results and Preston’s close proximity. 5000 is achievable theoretically.
  9. Boroblue

    Harrison Reed

    Reed is just a whole round better professional.This is just personal preference as I believe Dack is going to go on to be a top drawer player, however Reed is my type of player and as rigger says has the ability to make a team tick. Preference keep both.
  10. Boroblue


    Went to both Swansea and yesterday and while it was only a point from 6 the qualties of determination and resilience shine through. I can’t comment on formations etc but the one thing I can say you never leave games without feeling a sense of pride in the of the team for the effort and desire they put in. Yesterday was tremendous and better teams Under those circumstances have capitulated but not ours. They are a pleasure to watch and be associated with and long may it last. COYB
  11. Boroblue

    Championship 2018-19

    Lambert is quickly becoming a journey man.Left us because of issues not sure what they where. Not good enough for wolves. Just maybe he is not as good has he thinks he is. Will he have the release clause in this one to ensure they match his personal expectations.To big for his boots is this one( according to yoda). Poor manager in my opinion who is packed full of excuses.Good luck to Ipswich
  12. No we haven’t they just got confidence. We haven’t changed. Had them until the goal from nowhere
  13. Now where being given th run Around
  14. Well that was out of the blue. They are very poor and now it’s 2

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