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  1. Boroblue

    Loan Window

    The one who is a little bit quicker pace wise than the rest of our midfield. I can’t reveal my source but it’s a done deal.
  2. Boroblue

    Championship 2018-19

    Now that has a familiar ring to it.
  3. Boroblue

    Loan Window

    Never has a truer word been spoken. My wife and kids probably fall in the same category.
  4. Boroblue

    Loan Window

    With graham, Armstrong, Gallagher and Brereton we have a good mix of age and style.
  5. Boroblue

    Loan Window

    Yes I feel let down by the transfer window and that would go a little way towards making me feel better. Not happy but better.
  6. Boroblue

    Loan Window

    Both I hope
  7. Boroblue

    Transfer Window - Success or Failure

    From the outset Mowbray wanted to add quality and players such as mcginn , freeman and the lad from forest I believe represent this. Would I want Windass and garner ? If your looking at the present possibly and grudgingly yes. Are they significantly better than what we have? Debatable. If your trying to build something the other three show more purpose and ambition and would have raised the overall standard of the team. That I feel is what we should be aiming towards. However I agree the end result leaves a feeling of deflation and anti climax. Maybe for Mowbray and Waggot when Speaking about transfer policy. They need to walk the walk when they talk the talk.
  8. Boroblue

    Thursday deadline.

    But looking at it another way we will not be worse which is already an improvement on the last few years. That is therefore a positive and a reason for optimism even if it proves to be ill founded.
  9. Boroblue

    Thursday deadline.

    Sorry yours is much more comprehensive. I’m convinced if no one else is.
  10. Boroblue

    Thursday deadline.

    I thought bowyer charltons managers said we had made several bids for Bauer and they wanted to keep him and offer a new contact. He then went public and refused the offer.I don’t think that was through the HITC site. Trapp I don’t know thought it was from Columbus Crew themselves
  11. Boroblue

    Thursday deadline.

    Has gestede not had injury problems over the last few years.
  12. Boroblue

    Thursday deadline.

    This is a question not a criticism has I’ve never heard of or seen the guy play. Is Trapp from list A,B,C or D.
  13. Boroblue

    Thursday deadline.

    Mine are Bauer, Maddison, Chapman, McGinn and abraham
  14. Boroblue

    Thursday deadline.

    I’m liking your thinking one or both.
  15. Boroblue

    Thursday deadline.

    Brighton are so far south it’s almost France. So yes your right

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