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  1. @roverseas

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Awesome f̶o̶u̶r̶s̶o̶m̶e̶... fivesome by Rovers today. Not sure where that came from or if we will see anything like that again this decade. Nice to get a win under our belts in 2020, now a short mini break to refresh regroup and go again vs QPR. Nyambe IS class!
  2. @roverseas

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Always a tough one to predict this, but despite their past 2 results (1 against Leeds the other in the cup) their form is pretty woeful. Our injuries at the moment giving both me and the gaffa plenty of headaches. Hoping for a positive window, perhaps next week we will see some activity seeing as we have an "off week". Need a win, this weekend would be great.
  3. @roverseas

    Preston (home)

    2 points dropped for Rovers. time to mix it up formation wise. Play to our strengths, also need more bodies specifically in defense, and out wide. If we can find a winger we can start to play our forwards as strikers. Consolidation season now. Dack aint going anywhere over the next 18 months, regroup, rebuild, and plan for 2020-2021.
  4. Think we all deserve a drink after that week - chuffed to the heavens! Cracking performance, life after Dack might not be half bad... whenever that time comes. Well oiled machine out there, massive credit to Nyambe (Rovers academy), Travis (Rovers academy) and Lenihan (Rovers Academy) for today... shit hot! Thoughts from the Gaffa, the fans and more.
  5. @roverseas

    Stoke v Rovers Nov 30

    3 wins on the spin?!?! Blackburn Rovers? Get out of here! Nope its true. Lets hope this fortune continues into December and maybe (just once) we can have a cracking (no pun intended) Christmas period. Thoughts from the Gaffa, the fans and more.
  6. @roverseas

    Barnsley (h) - the Cauldron Of Hate part 2?

    Will Barnsley’s new manager give the club a much needed bounce this weekend? Or can we give the new coach a rude awakening to life in the Championship? Hoping to see the like of Lenihan and William back in defense and an attack we have been waiting to see all season. Season starts now, plenty of points on offer.
  7. What are people expecting this weekend against high flyers Leeds United? Anyone actually think we will get ANYTHING from this match or are we pissing in the wind? We have a performance in us, somewhere, will it surface this weekend? What a tonic it would be to spring a shock before the international break. Who’s with me?
  8. @roverseas

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    Wam Bam Thank You Mam! I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING! Massive result on so many levels. For the team, the manager and the fans. Gonna be honest, didnt think we did enough to win this one, but on the same note, we definitely didnt deserve too lose. However time and time again I have seen us not responded strong enough when conceding so late, so I will gladly take these points. Now! Any chance we can do something special against Leeds?
  9. @roverseas

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    Two massive games for the Gaffa, pick up 4 points (or more here) and the fans will be back singing his name. Lose the next two, and the daggers will be sharpened and back out again. Sheff Wed is a winnable game, scored 6 goals past them last year with 4 at Ewood Park. We have been good in 45 minute spurts, but the team needs a performance we have been crying out for all season. Hoping it will happen on Saturday.
  10. @roverseas

    Preston Away

    It’s the SPOOKY part of the year and our NIGHTMARE bit of form could continue into the month of November. If we play anything like we have done in the last 135 minutes of football then I expect us to be BOOOO’d of the pitch. Hopefully Mowbray can SCARE the shit out of some of these GHOULS. Match build up starts now!
  11. The Mowbray Out brigade are in full force at the moment, and I am not too far behind signing up. If I had any assurances as to who will be his replacement then maybe I can commit… but this is Blackburn Rovers. Nothing is standard anymore. Mowbray has my backing for NOW, but come December when the season takes shape we need to be much more competitive in this division. Chewed on this one for a while, still not over that performance.
  12. Birmingham City (Away) - The one we've all seemingly forgotten about... not me! This is an important week for Rovers as it climax with PNE at their place, who could enter the fixture on Saturday with two defeats on the spin. Hopefully Rovers can enter it with a pring in the step by taking all 3 points against the Brummies on their own patch. The history books will tell you the likely result will be a draw, but I am hoping Mowbrays decision in pulling Holtby and Downing midway through the match against Huddersfield Town be a masterstroke, and they come back fit and ready for both Tuesday night and Saturday. Meanwhile, on Sunday I caught up with Birmingham Fan TV and got their opinion on this match.
  13. @roverseas

    Huddersfield - Saturday Lunch for Sky

    We would be top of the league if we played like we did in the first 45 minutes. Anyone know Elliott Wards contact details as its reached that level at the back now. Big week this week, I would take 4 points from the next two if offered today. Meanwhile, thoughts from the Bosnian Rover, a chirpy Huddersfield Town fan and the gaffa... plus me!
  14. @roverseas

    Huddersfield - Saturday Lunch for Sky

    Rover back in action this weekend against a Huddersfield Town team on the rise. Our visitors had it rough the first couple of months, but have put in a small unbeaten run and just the wrong time for US. Hoping we can find the winning feeling again this Saturday as we need to start getting more points on the board. Earlier in the week I caught up with both a Huddersfield Town fan and a Blackburn Rovers supporter (from Bosnia). Terriers Fan – https://youtu.be/9bIzOEmuRWc Bosnian Rover – https://youtu.be/Zm6sW-jT5nw
  15. @roverseas

    QPR Away

    That was terrible folks... Not looked that clueless in a long time. QPR ripped us apart and they are not that good. Why are we afraid to have a go? Have a crack fellas...! I for one and glad for the break, regroup, refocus and try and bounce back against Huddersfield. This could be a long couple of weeks.

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