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  1. @roverseas

    Cardiff away

    Well... that was unexpected! And a wondergoal to gives us the 3 points. Maybe a little too late to dream again, but Cardiff do have to play Derby in the next week or so. Stranger things have happened! Lets just roll on this one a bit and hope for the best come the weekend.
  2. @roverseas

    On the Lookout for Blackburn Rovers DVD's

    I do have a VCR... albeit it probably only plays PAL... stoopid system. I did also check footydvd and pinged them an email. This could get me started for a collection. If anyone knows of any other availability I would be graciously appreciated.
  3. Greetings all! I am trying to improve my Rovers DVD/highlights collection does anyone know where I can find previous highlight/goals dvds/vhs? I have some of the most recent seasons, but looking to start from the initial Premier League season all the way to the present day. 1st hand/2nd hand I am not fussed with condition. Could even be digital/online versions. Any help would be graciously received. Dirk Copland
  4. Ideally we need to be winning our next 2 as on the horizon we have some extra difficult matches which could see us lose ground. Wigan are in a good bit of form right now, but hopefully we can take advantage of an empty away stadium and bring home a victory from a usually stubborn DW! More of what we saw last week would do me. Big Ben, Evans and Travis doing there thing! Dont get me started on Paul Cock and Sam Morsy! Excellent shithouse merchants!
  5. Well who saw that result coming? Very big result in the grand scheme of things, and an extra boost with some of the results going our way too! Important we continue with the buzz next week against a revamped 'tics they are on the rise will Paul Cock and the likely lads. I am sure we owe that bunch something considering they ended Dack's season. But credit to the boys today they looked great. Evans like a new signing!
  6. Finally! We are back! Beyond excited to see Rovers back in action and hope we come into this match much better than they way we ended our last. If the Bundesliga is anything to go by some teams have performed better than others with no fans in the stands. I hope we can benefit and others around the top 6 fluff their lines. Match preview and more... its good to be back!
  7. Plenty of decisions for Tony this weekend especially when it comes to Rovers attackers. The back 4 picks itself but who will be leading the line? Meanwhile, what about Rovers youth? JRC must be in consideration for a start. Whatever happens its must win if we need to keep the dream alive.
  8. Painful match. Never looked likely to get anything from this after Big Bens mega miss. 4 games without a win now. Hopes are fading fast, and we are constantly relying on other teams results to keep us in the mix. Nothing but a win against Bristol City now, and I am doubtful we can string that together at the minute. Only blessing is Darragh's return. Thoughts from the gaffa the fans and more.
  9. Surely its last chance saloon for Rovers this weekend against an unpredictable Derby County. Much harder matches ahead for Rovers, and I feel if we slip up here we could be left out to dry over the coming weeks. Not sure who will get the nod from the gaffa, but I would love the young guns to fire us to the BIG W. Preview, build up and more.
  10. @roverseas

    Swansea City home

    A bit of karma in the end for us - as smarmy Swansea didnt deserve the win today. Am I the only one who wants to smack the smugness out of Rhian Brewster? Anywho, could be a positive point in the end, but feel we are drawing too many games. The chances we keep blowing can not last and I expect the playoffs will be to far to reach come the end of March. But while we are in it, we are in it! Big match against Rooney FC next week.
  11. @roverseas

    Swansea City home

    How many of this weekends matches do you think you can predict correctly? Its another busy and important weekend in Serie A and hopefully the Coronavirus doesn’t put a stop to any games this week. Regardless, me and bunch of footballing brains have predicted this weekends matches can you out score me? Well why don’t you have a go?
  12. @roverseas

    Stoke City home

    Dier Straits! Thats what that was! Danny Dyer! Woeful. Or... well played Stoke City. Either way we missed our chance to close in on top 6, now we have to earn it. I feel Swansea is a more winnable match despite their lofty position. Stoke are scrambling for points and have a quality bunch of players. We just could not unlock them today. Words from the gaffa and more.
  13. @roverseas

    Stoke City home

    All Cup finals from here on out. A defeat at home kills any hope of playoffs. 6 points up for grabs this week, but it will not be easy. Both Stoke and Swansea have their own battles on their hands. Hoping Rothwell returns as believe his energy could be key in driving us forward. Nervy days ahead this week.
  14. would have bitten your arm off for a point before kick off so you will not hear any complaints for me. Job now is to follow it up with a couple of home wins which will not be easy. Thoughts from the gaffa the fans and more.
  15. Rovers have a chance to enter the top 6 this weekend (albeit for only a few hours) if we do the unthinkable and beat Raya’s Brentford. More of the same needed from Blackburn this weekend if we are too keep our ambitious playoff dreams alive. Match build up and more.

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