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  1. I like the guy but we have hit a massive brick wall. If you want to hear my POV take a look...
  2. Doesn't look like Mr Mowbray is going anywhere so if you cant beat them... join them! Backing the boys to do something special otherwise the biscuit dunker could walk. That is the only way things will change. Anyway, I have hopeful for something this weekend and then kick on against the big boys.
  3. In any other club whether in this division or another it would be thanks for everything Tony, but we keep on trucking with our Tony. I love the guy and what him to finish the job, however with us seeming to stick to our guns, I am very worried about the next 6 matches. Despite my concerns, I still back the lads and back the manager even though I feel it is time to move on. And in fairness, I think we can do Reading this week, and if so perhaps we can scramble some points over the next 6.
  4. In any other club, in any other league... this would be win or your out territory... not a draw... but a win! For me it needs to be a win of belief, show me the players are in this with Tony! Have not seen that since November! No fight, no punch... dangerous matches await around the corner!
  5. For me all I want to see is the young guns getting some minutes. Would love to see Connor take his moment in the spotlight against the hornets! If we can get a win, perhaps the mood around Ewood can change. Lets be positive! Start with a win, and take it from there.
  6. Forget about Barnsley, forget about the 3 game losing streak, forget about Nyambe contract situation... its all about Joe Lolley and getting one over Nottingham Forest after the last minute winner earlier in the season. One game at a time.
  7. Barnsley playing like Barcelona PSG at the moment which makes for another nervous encounter. No rub of the green with yesterdays results, hoping we can pull of a shocker and snatch a win. Early goal (or two) would be nice. Doubtful though.
  8. Time for some vengeance as we owe this lot a spanking... 20 years folks! that was the last time we beat them lot down the road at Ewood Park. Meanwhile, young Dolan has more scores to settle too.
  9. Are Rovers a real contender for top 6 or are we bottlejobs? JR gave us the key to the door... now we just need to open it! Typically we like playing QPR - but something in my boots tells me this could be tricky... Charlie is back scoring goals, and they have Johansen in midfield (who we were linked it earlier) so I think we can expect a bit of a scrap come saturday... more thoughts for you right here....
  10. Win and we are back in, lose and I am back on the booze! Luton Town = Boogey Team! Who da thunk it!? Not in 2021! This is our house! We might not be there but its ours... They will come to frustrate, and annoy us, and if they get the first goal it could be a long 90 minutes! But if we show them what we are capable of we can win this in style! 40 years in the making... a Rovers win against Luton in the league! It happens tomorrow!
  11. So we got away with one... it happens... we have been on the receiving end of some dodgy refereeing in the past, and I am sure we will in the future. My thoughts on the matter would be in hindsight... one of two things should have happened. 1. Red card & penalty 2. Yellow card & penalty I am of the mindset that unless something is malicious we stick with option 2. Dont destroy the game for all of us, give the injured players team a brucie bonus penalty and the fouling player a yellow. No double damage! Option one is only for a a malicious nasty tackle within the area.
  12. Homecoming for Pears, Ayala, Chapman (now at Shrewsbury) and the gaffa! Live in front of the cameras... I imagine a couple of things... 0-0 draw or a stonking defeat! Hoping for a win... but can not see it at the moment!
  13. One win and a bit of lady luck and we will be back in the mix... thats as positive as I can get. Time for a change in formation for me, the 4-3-3 is flawed. Bring back the 4-2-3-1.
  14. Absolutely woeful display by Rovers. Out thought and out played by Stoke... AT HOME! The club needs some fresh ideas, and also bare in mind... Stoke didnt have a striker on the pitch! Livid. Swansea on Tuesday will be painful.
  15. One and/or maybe two new defenders inbound at Ewood so hopefully we can start to iron out the kinks with out forever shady defense. Still gutted in the collapse of Pickering, is it all a lost cause or can we still bring him to Rovers? Meanwhile, match preview & a watchalong in store...
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