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  1. So we got away with one... it happens... we have been on the receiving end of some dodgy refereeing in the past, and I am sure we will in the future. My thoughts on the matter would be in hindsight... one of two things should have happened. 1. Red card & penalty 2. Yellow card & penalty I am of the mindset that unless something is malicious we stick with option 2. Dont destroy the game for all of us, give the injured players team a brucie bonus penalty and the fouling player a yellow. No double damage! Option one is only for a a malicious nasty tackle within the area.
  2. Homecoming for Pears, Ayala, Chapman (now at Shrewsbury) and the gaffa! Live in front of the cameras... I imagine a couple of things... 0-0 draw or a stonking defeat! Hoping for a win... but can not see it at the moment!
  3. One win and a bit of lady luck and we will be back in the mix... thats as positive as I can get. Time for a change in formation for me, the 4-3-3 is flawed. Bring back the 4-2-3-1.
  4. Absolutely woeful display by Rovers. Out thought and out played by Stoke... AT HOME! The club needs some fresh ideas, and also bare in mind... Stoke didnt have a striker on the pitch! Livid. Swansea on Tuesday will be painful.
  5. One and/or maybe two new defenders inbound at Ewood so hopefully we can start to iron out the kinks with out forever shady defense. Still gutted in the collapse of Pickering, is it all a lost cause or can we still bring him to Rovers? Meanwhile, match preview & a watchalong in store...
  6. Ecstatic for Dack and so relived that Trav came through that first encounter like he had never been away. Also very positive mumblings about new recruits for our defensive crisis. Can we tilt the mojo back on the positive track or is it still papering over the cracks?
  7. Lets restart the belief of our club and start the year how we tend to end it... with a BANG! Show us what we are made of lads! Expecting a standout performance from Big Ben if nothing else. As for Mowbray, we may have hit a stagnant phase, and I would be one to explore other options however we may be wasting our breath as I doubt the hierarchy seem bothered about replacing him, especially during these times. Match preview and more.
  8. Typically pretty shitty on boxing day - hoping today marks a new era. Rumours swirling that Big Ben might be in contention for some minutes - awesome belated Christmas gift if true.
  9. Heard on the grapevine that Campbell is out which is a major loss for the hosts. Originally gone with a draw, but that may swing back in our favour. Match preview and more.
  10. Stonker of a performance but biggest win all season - chance to reboot our campaign ahead of some key players returning in the coming weeks. That result will bring in some much needed confidence ahead of a couple of tricky matches, i felt a draw or worse could have knock the belief out of us. Relived too with Armstrong ending his good drought. Bring on Stoke! https://youtu.be/rZHjuWoPoCY
  11. Its been said a few times already but we need to win this one. Hoping we can see the best out of Douglas before its too late, I feel he is still trying to get rid of the cobwebs. However patiences is running thin. Big week this! Come on TONY!
  12. Could be a case of square pegs in round holes again as TM patches up his defence. Still waiting for the announcement of Dackarinhos return as it edges ever closer. Win this one and we get ourselves a free hit against norwich on the weekend. Hoping we can use the Brentford result to springboard ourselves a W midweek.
  13. Expecting a tough one here which could define what type of season we will have... a win and I think we could bypass playoff contenders and enter the automatic discussion, however a defeat will leave us back in midtable. Our season is not defined by this match, but a win will give us some extra lives down the road. Match preview & more.
  14. Riding our luck of late which could be the sign of a promotion chasing side? Now we side stepped those bananas skins we have a couple of tricky away fixtures on the horizon. Hope the news on Big Ben is positive, however Dack is on the verge of his come back.
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