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  1. Hopefully we can all play and support without fear now and I hope that will be on display tonight. This match usually has goals in it, so lets hope we can repeat last years banger!
  2. Lets seal the blooming deal and secure our status with a cheeky 1-0 win at home. Then we can start our prep for next season with or without Anthony Mowbray.
  3. A good point, is it enough? Not yet. But getting closer. Just want our status secure. Happy to see Arma score some goals as they equal $$$$$ right now! The more goals the more moola!
  4. Agreed. I am sure the workings are going on in the background, and if your wrong no biggie. To be honest I think he will be here to the end of the season but I hope I am wrong. We need to keep communities like this alive, I love coming here to read other folks opinions. I might not agree with them, but I like knowing what others are feeling. We win together, we suffer together! We could even go down together... cheeky!?!?!?!
  5. Anyone tracking Rovers players instagrams? Not much of a InstaFAN me so dont really use that platform. Any pics/posts from training?
  6. I have never refreshed a page so often that I am today! Urgh!!!!
  7. Yawn! Not sure what to get excited about?!?!? Maybe a banging 4-0 home win? That is the only thing that can get me just a little bit excited right now.
  8. Hoping to see a great Easter weekend from Rovers as we need to end the campaign strongly. I do hope Darragh and Kaminski have made it back available for selection. Need an unbeaten couple of games here preferably 4 or more points.
  9. So I spent sometime this past weekend going down memory lane and I decided to make a video of the best foreign players that have pulled on the famous blue and white shirt. What are your thoughts on the best foreign imports Rovers have had?
  10. Well Tony delivered a performance for the memory bank, now watch us follow in North Ends footsteps and lose to Wycombe Wanderers. Anyway, good way to enter the international break...
  11. If there is going to be a change of manager for Rovers it will be after this match. However if TM does the unthinkable and sneaks a win then he buys himself till the end of the season. But as well know Venkies play by their rules, and probably think we are still in League 1... Back the boys, but it could be a nasty afternoon for all of us! LETS BE AVENUE!!
  12. Miserable display tonight. Choice of subs baffling... Evans to win in the closing stages? Madness. I was optimistic we would win this one, and have been let down. Only a cheeky win against the canaries can make up for it.
  13. All eyes of this one as Rovers will hope to spring a bigger surprise against another high flyer. Brentfords form away from is a bit poop, hoping we can stretch to at least a point here. Expect goals! Keep the faith and back the boys!
  14. Another return to form performance from Rovers such a shame the referees are blind as bats in the EFL however I would have bitten your hand off if offered a point at kick off. Need to build on this and hopefully take all three against Brentford.
  15. I like the guy but we have hit a massive brick wall. If you want to hear my POV take a look...
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