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  1. JeffRover

    Supporters Consultation Meeting

    I'd like to go if the date in question is Thursday the 13th.
  2. JeffRover

    If Tony goes...

    Gareth Ainsworth would be a good shout for many reasons in my opinion: - Relatively Young, hungry and desperate to succeed - Has 380 games in management at unfashionable clubs, with a win rate of above 40% - Has a promotion on his CV - Is currently flying high in League One, not many places below us in the pyramid after spending no money and gets the most possible out of his resources - A Blackburn lad and Rovers fan. He would be willing to come here. Brentford took Dean Smith from Walsall so I don't know why this couldn't work also.
  3. JeffRover

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Waggott in the LT states we’ve got a similar budget to last year, meaning we have probably between 5 - 10 million to spend.
  4. JeffRover

    Kits 19/20

    I’ve been informed that the home kit is due to be released on 1st July. 👀
  5. JeffRover

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Just to set the record straight. Nixon said that Rovers “MAY need a sale to do ALL they want”. In other words, we probably have a budget of some kind but if TM wants to spend big on a CB and Striker, then he’ll have to sell. We can’t keep spending net £10 million every summer, otherwise we’ll be straight in embargo. That is just a fact.
  6. JeffRover

    Pre-season 2019/20

    Rangers fans on Twitter were saying the Rangers v Rovers game is arranged to be on the 21st. As that date has been left vacant I think it’s likely to be true. We’ll be waiting for the go ahead from them to announce it.
  7. JeffRover

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    I didn't have a clue about that either! The cheek of some who say that Bowyer could judge a player. I think it was his Dad who did all of the good scouting personally.
  8. JeffRover

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    You can all sh!t on this as a worthless twitter rumour but....... A Sheff Wednesday fan has tweeted that he was in a bar with the Rotherham United squad and the midfielder Will Vaulks said he was in talks with Rovers. There is no reason for someone like that to spread bull but you never know i suppose. I suppose we will soon find out if that is true and if it materialises or not. Think the real fun and games will start properly in 4 to 5 weeks. Lets hope it's a productive summer.
  9. JeffRover

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    He’ll ending up keeping 3 or 4 hanger ons and only signing 4 or 5. I bet only 1 or 2 of those will be first team quality. Then he expects us to progress?
  10. JeffRover

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    This is my current assessment of our situation: The Current Squad (players in natural positions only) Goalkeepers - Raya, Leutwiler and Fisher Fullbacks - Nyambe, Bell and Williams Centre Backs - Lenihan, Mulgrew, Rodwell and Downing Centre Mids - Evans, Travis, Reed, Smallwood and Davenport Wingers - Bennett, Conway and Chapman Number 10’s - Dack, Rothwell and Gladwin Strikers - Graham, Armstrong, Brereton, Nuttall and Samuel Possible contract permutations at the end of the season Out of contract - Leutwiler, Downing, Rodwell, Conway, Gladwin and Reed (loan) Out of those I’d only consider keeping Rodwell if the deal wasn’t crazy and try and get Reed on a permanent deal (if he’ll come?). Surplus to requirements (in my opinion) - Williams and Samuel Both of these are not up to the required standard for where we want to go. Potential Squad players but could loan out to league one - Smallwood and Nuttall Mowbray is the potential snag here as he’ll probably not want to overhaul as much as we want However, if these things occured we’d be left with the following: Goalkeepers - Raya and Fisher Fullbacks - Nyambe and Bell Centre backs - Lenihan, Mulgrew and Rodwell Centre Mids - Evans, Travis, Reed and Davenport wingers - Bennett and Chapman Number 10’s - Dack and Rothwell Strikers - Graham, Armstrong and Brereton Signings That above list leaves us 1 GK, 2 FB’s, 1CB, 1 CM, 2 Wingers and 1 Striker short as a minimum. You could potentially even argue that we could need an extra CB. It also doesn’t take into account the fact that we may not sign Reed and Rodwell and that the ageing process is more than underway with Mulgrew and Graham. That has us looking at potentially needing 8 - 9 decent additions if the culling is as severe as I feel necessary to get us challenging higher up the league. It would then be down to Mowbray and his spectacular recruitment department to find the players, but also Venkys to provide the finances. This summer is shaping up to be one of the most vital in the clubs recent history. It could define the direction of the club for the next few years. It is imperative we get it fairly spot on. Do I think we can do it? Mowbray’s prior recruitment leaves me with my doubts and has me looking anxiously to the next campaign. I hope I’m proved wrong.
  11. JeffRover

    Championship 2018-19

    When I read his comments that you outline after Brentford I was also very worried. However, he completely countered that by 180 degrees in a recent interview with Radio Lancashire where he mentioned failing to get promoted with Armstrong, Murphy and Maddison etc at Coventry. He was talking about how poor their defence was and how it cost them promotion, implying he does know that improvements are needed for us to have any upward looking aspirations. Whether he can sort it out or not will probably determine the direction of this club for the next few years...
  12. JeffRover

    Reading v Rovers

    Depends which players are recruited. If the recruitment is good then we could threaten the top 6. If its similar to the summer just gone then we'll probably stay floundering in mid table.
  13. JeffRover

    Reading v Rovers

    Mowbray suggesting that he may chop and change the side a bit during the run in. Hints that Brereton and Rothwell will get much more game time.
  14. JeffRover

    Blackburn Ladies

    It is indeed. They won one match 10 - 0. Yes that’s right, TEN - NIL!
  15. JeffRover

    Championship 2018-19

    Hilarious. The new Netflix documentary would have to be re-filmed next season.

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