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    I'd agree with those saying Buckley doesn't look ready. Felt nervous every time he got the ball near our area as he didn't seem aware of the opposition pressing him. Hope it's just an experiment and not a regular thing we'll be seeing. Don't think it's a coincidence that we were much better in the second half, the first 5 minutes aside
  2. Theaxe15

    Hull (A)

    I'll never be Bennett's biggest fan as a right back but I agree people look to fault the guy. If Travis was playing there and did the same things he'd get nowhere near the same abuse because he's come through the system. Defensively all 5 did really well today. At no point after we scored did I feel threatened and I think that's more credit to the defence than the opposition being poor. Work to be done further forward for sure but a solid foundation is something we've lacked for a while and it's nice to see the potential of that and hopefully something to be improved further and used as a foundation for progress. But hey let's all use a 1 0 away win as a reason to moan yeah???
  3. Theaxe15


    Didn't see your specific post to be honest. Just read from a few people on here
  4. Theaxe15


    Again for that level. Agreed that Mowbray is tactically inept, I'd just rather we went for someone more experienced than Johnson. I don't think we're stable enough in the league to be taking risks
  5. Theaxe15


    Not quite sure on this clamour for Johnson to take over. Did well with the under 23s yes but it's a completely different animal compared to the championship or league football in general. I personally don't want Mowbray as manager anymore but Johnson replacing him is very risky in such a competitive league.
  6. Theaxe15


    Sounds like it. Bet he was a condescending arsehole about it though
  7. Theaxe15


    The sheer number of players being played out of position so far this season is ridiculous
  8. Theaxe15


    Do we think TM has lost the players? This has the feeling of a team that doesn't want to play for their manager anymore. Defeat against a poor Boro team on Saturday and you wonder if something might happen
  9. Theaxe15

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Sylla's at zulte waregem. Strange from sky that
  10. Theaxe15

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Mulgrew would be even worse than Bell at LB. At least Bell can run, mind you that's his only strength. CM pairing of Johnson and Travis is arguably the only positive thing to come from the first game, however what happens when one or both of those two can't play due to injury/suspension? Huge drop in quality from whoever comes in. Agree on Nyambe, he isn't the complete right back people seem to be strangely suggesting he is. He basically cost us a couple of games at home last season due to his poor positional play. Though I'd still rather he played there than Bennett. Tough tough season ahead. Can't see us improving on 15th place...
  11. Theaxe15

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    I guess it's a positive that we're at least looking at CB's right?
  12. Theaxe15

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    I have doubts we could even make the top half. The team isn't stronger than last season, a season we finished 15th in. Even if those players were banging the goals in, Mulgrew would still be getting caught under the high ball and Bell would still be caught napping and we'd still lose games. Yes it's 1 game but we went for 2 months barely winning a game last season and the same problems are still evident. We barely created anything against Charlton, a very very poor team based on Saturday's viewing, so this new style of play that TM wants to implement seems just as slow and ponderous as I imagine many were expecting.
  13. Theaxe15

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Personally I think he will go at the end of the season if we don't finish in the top half, be it him getting sacked or him walking. My concern though, after seeing Saturday and seeing him make the same mistakes that completely derailed our season last season, is that we might be at the very bottom end of the bottom half. Relegation could be a real possibility this season. The sheer amount of fans who saw the team he selected on Saturday and just knew it wasn't going to go well must surely speak for itself and suggest the man is on a downward trajectory. I've been a fan of his as a person throughout and he's done a lot of good for the club, but purely as a manager and a tactician he has always left a lot to be desired. I even remember back in League One when he was insistent on us changing our style of play to combat the other teams when surely it should have been us imposing ourselves on the opposition. Too negative. Too loyal to players who "aren't up to it" (his own words). Time to go before we get ourselves in real trouble.
  14. Theaxe15

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Said exactly the same myself. It's like he's a second or two behind everyone else in his thought processes. Sign of a player who will never make it to the top
  15. Theaxe15

    Rovers v Charlton

    The sad thing is his days probably aren't numbered. The players are partly culpable but Mowbray cost us that game there. Making 2 subs when we were well on top and insisting on that God awful defence. But TM's pal is in charge so he's going nowhere.

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