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  1. Anyone fancy doing this for a living? http://www.glumbert.com/media/highpower
  2. What tune is it sung to? I tried working it out..
  3. bb3

    [Archived] Matt Derbyshire

    Local lads playing for the team means jackshit anymore. It's a shame,but that's the way it is. Before anyone jumps on my back for saying that,you have to ask yourself? Why would you want to jump on my back?
  4. I nicked this link off the roverstalk forum. Attendances The first table does us no justice due to our oversized stadium. Scroll down to the next one and we're out of the drop zone. I think percentage of ground filled is a daft way to measure support but then I'm biased. Wigan are struggling.
  5. I miss the characters,the old songs and terracing in general of the old Blackburn End. The bloke with the Burnley hat on with a turd on top.... Don't miss the bogs. Aye come on with them pics Will.
  6. I've seen it,it looks very nice,congratulations to the lads that worked on it,you did a sterling job. Trouble is,many folk wouldn't dare go near the place after the big shiny ball in the sky started heading south...... oooops sorry ES
  7. VINJAY IS OBVIOUSLY NOT A ROVERS FAN thank you for listening
  8. Stones bar is a pretty good pub,and do a cracking breakfast. Also it's a good meeting point for when someone inevitably get's lost. And if you do get lost and find yourself alone,keep walking and ignore the crack heads,never respond to them,they'll follow you round all night. That aside the dam is a great place for a good drink,should be a good laugh with 2000+ blues partying away. Roll on Wednesday....
  9. Has anyone followed Vinjay's form on other boards? I doubt very much that he is a Blackburn Rovers fan. Let him back on.
  10. B&Q bless em,you walk in the store to be greeted by wind turbines and solar panels,they're leading the way on energy conservation. Then in the next aisle they have a huge range of fooking patio heaters!! I cannot think of a more pointless waste of energy. The ad campaign is a load of tosh. BTW would anyone care to admit that they have energy saving lightbulbs throughout the house,yet in the late summer evenings they use a patio heater? If it's too cold to sit outdoors,put a fleece on or something,if it's still too cold then go inside! Consuming energy to heat up your garden is utter madness.
  11. Here's my strange dream. I'm stood in the middle of a village,I have know idea where,it's just a little village. There's a group of children playing in the village square when all of a sudden a double decker bus comes out of nowhere,no driver,completely out of control. The bus is heading straight for these kids and I try to shout,but as much as I try,nothing will come out of my mouth. No matter how much effort I put in I can't warn the kids to get out of the way,no noise will leave my mouth. The dream always ends before the bus hits the kids,but hell it's a weird dream.
  12. Teeth falling out. I have that one. It'sh vwhery shtrange but it'sh just a dweam
  13. He sounds more like Souness every day....
  14. Good read that Col,cheers. Happy Mondays should be in there though. I've got: The Clash-London calling(1979) The Stone Roses-The Stone Roses(1989) The Ramones-The Ramones(1976) The Who-My Generation(1965) Radiohead-The Bends(1995) The Smiths-The Smiths(1984) Talking Heads-Fear of Music(1979) The Strokes-Is This It?(2001)
  15. bb3

    Target Cristiano Ronaldo

    Blimey. I can't believe I just read that. In trying to have a go at several posters on this thread you've made yourself look dafter than anyone with that comment.
  16. I know,I know,I take your point. Just seems a bit pointless Owen coming out with all this now,it's all been said before and I doubt he would have said it if he wasn't on the early flight home. Couldn't agree more.
  17. Absoloutely pointless from Owen criticising SGE now,that should be left to the fans. If he was worth his salt he would have said something weeks ago,not waited till Sven was out the door and off on his hols. Idiot.
  18. bb3

    England 1 Ecuador 0

    The last 15 years are irrelevent,we will be judged on this tournament. And the England numpties weren't throwng plastic chairs/bottles at fresh air,the Germans were just as bad. Plus the Germany/Poland game saw major trouble.
  19. bb3

    Official Australian Squad Thread

    Unlucky lads. That was a crap way to lose.
  20. bb3

    England 1 Ecuador 0

    3-0 England. England fans to run riot regardless. Wherever you are in the world,if you're English then it's your fault,you bloody thugs. And Wayne Rooney is a thug.
  21. bb3

    Standard Of Play So Far

    Agreed. And the atmosphere in that stadium tonight was something else. The supporters are making this tournament fantastic.

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