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    Poor transfer record..? Dack, Smallwood, Reed, Rothwell, Rodwell, Bell, Armstrong - all current first teamers and Mowbray signings. Can also add Downing, Palmer and Payne who have made contributions. If anything, Brereton is one of the few failures (based on limited appearances).
  2. magicalmortensleftpeg

    Rovers v Leeds, Ewood, 12.00 KO, 20th October

    This side is streets ahead of anything we had in the Championship under Bowyer. Several of our bench players yesterday would be starting in many Champioship teams. The depth is really impressive. I think we can genuinely start talking about the play offs being a realistic aim. Momentum is so important. We just seem to find ways to win and we’re now doing it against decent teams.
  3. magicalmortensleftpeg

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Good comments from Mowbray afterwards. We need to be much better. Awful game and a poor performance but I’ll take the win especially with a clean sheet. Level on points with 6th place at this stage is as good as we could have expected at the beginning of the season.
  4. magicalmortensleftpeg


    The easy answer is to lower prices. But we are a business and have had low prices for many years. I’m not justifying the increase from last year but I can understand both sides to an extent. I’d like to think that if we can sustain this good start then fans will slowly come back, particularly for big end of season games. Oxford showed everyone that the fans are out there which is a start. Cant understate how significant having every midweek game available on Sky is turning out to be as well. A £10 ticket initiative for a non televised game would be my suggestion. Get people back into the habit.
  5. magicalmortensleftpeg

    Derby vs Rovers post match thread

    Armstrong played no better in the latter part of his time here on loan. Lots of running but doesn’t actually pose a threat. Don’t know what Rothwell has to do to get a game. Real shame he hasn’t been involved since the international break.
  6. Logged in for the first time since the match and we’re still discussing a photo of Dack. I really think we can move on.. Played well in the first half but didn’t take chances. 4-1 flattered them but can’t say we deserved much. It happens. TM clearly took a gamble second half and it didn’t pay off. Other days it might. Couldn’t fault the effort. It’s a reality check not a crisis.
  7. Because he’s injured. Injured. Like he was last game. And the game before that. You’re reading far too much into this
  8. What on Earth are you talking about? Dack clearly wasn’t due to play and (at this stage have to assume) was allowed to go out. Unless there’s evidence to the contrary, this isn’t a story. looking forward to this. Good to see if Brereton can get on at some stage.
  9. magicalmortensleftpeg

    ROVERS vs Lincoln

    In your own time.
  10. magicalmortensleftpeg

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    Disagree. There were virtually no home fans in there when it was open. At least the JW looks a bit fuller than normal. Having 150 home fans in a corner of the Darwen End doesn’t look any better than just giving the whole lot to the away fans imo.
  11. magicalmortensleftpeg

    Rodwell signs

    Rodwell has everything to prove. He won’t be on big wages and he’ll know what everyone thinks of him. It’s an underwhelming signing at best but I can see the logic. I’d like to think this is one of 2/3 deals between now and the end of Aug and if that’s the case then I’m ok with it. Down to him to prove himself now.
  12. magicalmortensleftpeg

    iFollow Thread

    Genuinely impressed. Commentary was slightly out of sync but the picture quality was good and there were multiple camera angles. However, £10 per game is steep. £6/7 and I’d happily purchase for each available game. Overall it’s certainly a good option to have.
  13. magicalmortensleftpeg


    What a sad comment. Been one of our best players tonight. Cant fault that. Great effort. Considering the injuries and being down by 2, I don’t think many on here gave us much of a chance. Rothwell looks a real player as well. Lenihan has an off day but it happens. We need bodies through the door ASAP but putting that aside, we did really well to get back into it tonight.
  14. magicalmortensleftpeg

    Ipswich away match thread

    So who would you have played on the wing? Clearly you wouldn’t play Conway or Samuel so I’m not sure who is left...
  15. magicalmortensleftpeg

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    Our season tickets are always cheaper than most. We got promoted and they’ve gone up. What did people expect? Guess what, if we go into the prem then they’ll go up again. We’re playing better teams and better players. I’m not saying that it wouldn’t be nice for the tickets to cost a fiver each but this is the real world. They were always going to go up at some point if we had some success. I reckon we’ve still got one of the cheapest season tickets in the Championship. Happy to be proved wrong.
  16. magicalmortensleftpeg

    Thursday deadline.

    Barthez 4ft 7...? I’m sure he was closer to 6ft??
  17. magicalmortensleftpeg

    World Cup 2018

    I can’t. But it doesn’t mean Wilshere should go. Livermore has played games at least. The others are all risks. Always rated Lallana but he’s barely had a kick this season. Wilshere has had chances in an England shirt and underwhelmed. That plus his injury record is enough for me. I’d take a gamble on Loftus Cheek over him.
  18. magicalmortensleftpeg

    World Cup 2018

    Wanted a manager who picked on form and not reputation. Leaving out Wilshere goes along with that. Hasn’t done much all year and didn’t make the recent friendlies because of injury. I think it’s time to move on. If we don’t make it out of the group, not picking Wilshere won’t be the reason.
  19. magicalmortensleftpeg

    iFollow Thread

    Can't get it to work. And frankly, I'm now fairly happy that I wasn't able to..
  20. magicalmortensleftpeg

    iFollow Thread

    In Portugal and want to watch the game on IPhone but the app still says that it's unavailable due to rights restrictions..? Any help..?
  21. magicalmortensleftpeg

    iFollow Thread

    Go to the results screen and the full match replay is there. No comms though.
  22. magicalmortensleftpeg

    New Camera Position In Riverside

    That it is such a depressing photo. I remember during the prem years being disappointed when we got less than 20k on. They can barely be 10k Rovers fans there yesterday. God knows how low it will get during midweek games in winter. Particularly in a relegation battle. Sad sad times.
  23. magicalmortensleftpeg

    Radio rovers

    Why does anyone care. Are they biased? Yes. But what do you expect?? They're employed by the club! It's hardly surprising. This mock outrage just isn't worth the effort. if you don't like it then don't listen..
  24. magicalmortensleftpeg

    [Archived] News Article -> Rovers v Palace

    Go and check out their message boards. I guarantee you wouldn't swap after that.
  25. magicalmortensleftpeg


    I also do not claim to know a huge amount about doping but I believe that many of the substances/doping methods Armstrong allegedly used were undetectable until recently. Blood doping I think only really became detectable in the last 5/6 years. All Tour de France winners are vigorously tested probably more so than in any other sport and that is why so many are caught even several years down the line. There have been so many questions regarding Armstrong that its hard to believe that there isn't smoke without fire and for him to not contest the allegations makes it even more damming. It'll be very interesting to hear the evidence against Armstrong when it is made public.

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