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  1. Of course there can be a feelgood factor. It requires a successful team on the pitch. Imagine if we were in the top 2 and in good form with Gallagher and Brereton on 10 goals each. TV or in person that would get the imagination going. At it’s heart, as we all know, success on the pitch is what sells tickets and puts bums on seats. With the money he has spent, Mowbray has squandered that opportunity and we look to be treading water. Not going to capture anyone’s imagination.
  2. True enough. I just don’t see Mowbray delivering it. He seemed to have changed tack at the start of this season but has reverted to type - even with most of his first choice players back fit. There is absolutely no feel-good factor at all at the minute to keep the regulars interested, let alone new fans. Something has to change.
  3. If you wanted to shut down the Riverside you’ve just found the most supporter-friendly way to do so. There has the either be an upgrade to the Riverside or a discount. Aside from that, I’d be ok with that as a pricing strategy. Sadly I think that the current CEO has a vision for making STs £500 minimum. He hasn’t grasped that the football just isn’t worth that - and may never be for many Lancastrians. The opportunity presented itself at the Oxford game. Bank holiday, superb weather, tenner a ticket IIRC, and a promotion party made for very exceptional circumstances. But there is
  4. I think that sums up a lot of things at the moment.
  5. Honestly it’s hard to look at this pitch without imagining one of the Rovers coaches out picking up dog shit before the game.
  6. 1-0 down and we bring on Buckley instead of Dolan.
  7. Rothwell seemed to hold on to that too long. I called offside in real time. I’d be happy to see whatever definitive replay Neil and Warren are looking at.
  8. Looks like Rothwell has stretched his groin as a direct result of the pitch. 😡
  9. Based on the evidence to date, demographics and age/mortality I think your hardcore support numbers are overestimated. We have 2,500 hardcore right now, while the ST numbers will go up based on the family multiplier effect. Our household has three long-term season ticket holders, no season pass holders and one active iFollow account. Going back next season depends on a number of factors. In no particular order: - Football - Restrictions on who I am allowed to sit with - Restrictions on where I am allowed to sit (we may have the curiosity of certain stands being full an
  10. That’s exactly what live football is about. 50% of the experience is what happens on the pitch and 50% is who you are watching with (and 0% politics - but that’s another debate). Does a goal matter as much if you can’t celebrate like an idiot with your family or mates? To survive (let alone be successful) without the TV revenue that PL clubs ‘enjoy’ (like drug-dependent addicts ‘enjoy’ opiate) we need those fair-weather hangers on. There just aren’t the numbers of died-in-the-wool fans like there used to be. These floating fans want to be entertained and care about value for money in a w
  11. My wife says the same whenever I watch the snooker.
  12. Yes. The Facebook groups are typical of all social media. Virtue signalling over who is the best fan drains out any naysayers who are regularly subjected to verbal abuse so stop contributing. This site may be somewhat the reverse of that but there is certainly more of a split of opinions on here than a complete one-way street. Also if someone abuses someone on here they are swiftly dealt with while on Fb they are roundly patted on the back. Just you watch the shift over there when Mowbray does eventually leave: “his time was up”, “he’d taken us as far as he could”. Dare to say t
  13. Quick snapshot of where we are as of this morning. It will be interesting to see the position by the end of the weekend if we manage to win today.
  14. Great post. I would just change the last word for “Blackburn people” (and I acknowledge the surrounding area ofc). He has never given me the impression that he understands the people he is dealing with. John Williams in contrast got that spot on - even if he did have a better budget.
  15. Fully agree and it’s very sad to see that you feel this way. When you and I agree, it’s very telling of the precariousness of the situation. If Waggott or any of his minions are reading, please take note. He needs to do whatever it takes to get numbers back once it is possible to do so. He says Venkys care about this club? This is the chance for them to walk his talk by subsidising our recovery. Waggott should be front and centre of a campaign to lobby the football authorities to suspend FFP sanctions for three years after fans are allowed to return. In the meantime get (and keep) fa
  16. I’ve been giving this some thought and it isn’t really clear what the future of stadium viewing looks like for Rovers fans, and for football supporters in general. When the doors do eventually reopen - which, under this government, could be a very long time indeed - what will clubs be left with in terms of a, let’s call them a, Customer-base? Under the current administration, it’s almost certain that prices will increase - again. While other clubs may offer deals or incentives to get people back in the ground IMHO it is hugely unlikely that Rovers would do the same. Waggott has consi
  17. Well that smacks of “someone to push the lads” rather than an actual first teamer. Project Mediocrity rumbles on for another season.
  18. I think he would but he might have to hand over to Warren for the half time analysis.
  19. You’ve just contradicted yourself. For that exact reason, we aren’t in any way improved, it’s just a lot quieter. Both in the boardroom and in the stands (COVID notwithstanding). You are right though, we won’t change anything. We just have to hope that something does and sooner rather than later, certainly before we are dragged into a relegation fight, otherwise everything good Mowbray has done will be wasted. We are stuck with Venkys until they decide otherwise but in a little corner of Blackburn there is still a bit of green field, with seats pointed at it, for people to watch
  20. Bet nobody at the club was being paid 10-15 times the average local salary back in those milk-less days though, Gav. The sad fact is that a lot of people have packed it in.
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