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  1. Kelbo

    The sad passing of "Kelbo".

    This is Kelvins son Ben, struggling to sleep, so i thought i'd read through this to reassure me how proud i am to have had a father like mine. The support from my friends and family can only be backed up by this, but i thank every single one of you for your posts, they mean the world to me, and when the time is right, my mum too. I want to share with you something that reminds me of my dad... it's a song, but will remind me of him forever.
  2. Longsiders, you may be close to the truth 'Burnley Balaji' and 'Clarety Singh' lol
  3. From my info, Mercerman is correct, Karen Silk will be running the show, she is very competant and a hard nut, wont take any @#/?, even from Venkys!
  4. I wouldnt normally either but I think the strength of feeling within football about Venkys at the moment may just force the issue!
  5. I am reliably informed that the LMA along with other senior figures in Football, are now insisting the Football Association take action with regard to the ownership and running of BRFC - it is suggested that their actions are tantamount to bringing the game into disrepute!! We shall see what happens!!
  6. The strange thing about this is this, no one seems to know the guy in Blackburn, despite him saying he was born there!!
  7. Kelbo

    [Archived] Gary Bowyer

    I am very reliably informed thet after 3 games Singh and Berg hated each other, further informed that a former Rovers player spoke to Berg, two days before he took the job and Berg said no way would he take it!!
  8. When Danny Shittu gets man of the match, its time to pack in football- disgraceful!
  9. Well, for what its worth, CKR, Jones, Martin Olsson and a fully fit Best and King, will do wonders for the squad, Best wont be match fit fully until another 4 or 5 games, will make one hell of a difference to a threadbare squad, plus we have the lad on loan from Hull and Campbell !!
  10. Kelbo

    [Archived] Danny Murphy

    Yes you were, I thought he would have been fine, experienced and knowledgable, so did QPR, they wanted him too!!
  11. Parsons, Each time I read your match reports, it mirrors exactly what I have seen, keep them coming, you obviously know your football, some on here dont and thats not being nasty, you have the ability to understand what occured in a game and put it on this messageboard clearly and Coherently. Thanks for the report!
  12. In my opinion, loans are the way to get out of this league, providing you get the right players, Jones may be great at Championship level but there is a reason Martinez isnt playing him at Wigan. Blackpool got to the Prem with a number of loan players, Watford have been mentioned, when and if you get promoted, you can build a Prem squad not a squad full of Championship players, someone close to the club mentioned that the transfer deadline deals were done late intentionally as it was believed by some that DJ Campbell and Thomas may not be the answer in the Premier League, plus of course, we already had Best, Rhodes, Gomez and Richards as strikers!! Thomas works very much off his pace, he will be 31 next and his pace will start to wane, in the premier League, he would need that pace even more!!
  13. Sincere condolances, may you rest in peace Marcus, I cant say anymore!
  14. Boyd, 1 minute into his debut having signed from Peterboro on loan!!

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