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  1. Probably rubbish, but: https://footballleagueworld.co.uk/sources-la-liga-quartet-including-sevilla-eyeing-blackburns-ben-brereton/
  2. I’d love to get an understanding of what morale is like in the camp right now. I can’t see huge personalities like Dack being happy with this chums Mulgrew and Rothwell being out of the door. ‘Club captain’ Benno gone too. We’ll see how the early games pan out, but my bet is they know we’re goosed this season.
  3. Sounds like our man. The Boro connection clearly sealed the deal.
  4. Jesus fecking Christ that 11. Yes a few are missing, but I have a feeling the gut feel consensus on here is gonna be right this season: Hello League One 22-23.
  5. I’ve said this before to you, but Alioski, at 29 and coming off the back of a decent season in the PL, is absolutely not a realistic target.
  6. Not in Pune, the boardroom or in the managers office it won’t. Plenty of possession; not a clue what to do with it. Where have we seen that before? And no doubt we’ll be seeing it another 40 odd times this season. Never felt this flat as a Rovers fan going into a new season.
  7. 8-1 for us to go down last time I checked. I’ll likely be advising friends and family with no emotional attachment to us, to lump on.
  8. Along lines of Venus wanting to play a more direct style of football, but Mowbray being more of a purist. Insinuated they clash over it.
  9. IMO we'll be mid table in league one if that happens, so we shouldn't.
  10. Yep. And it simply ain't happening unless the rats in Pune scuttle off. Which again, looks like it ain't happening. I have zero enthusiasm for this season. I really do mean zero.
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