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  1. Reading between the lines, IMO he's lost the direct line into Pune, knows they were looking into replacements at the back end of last season (clearly that failed), and suspects he's on the way out at the end of the season.
  2. I had an exchange with Jaquob Crooke on Twitter this morning as I sensed from the piece that Mowbray was very defensive. He said that Mowbray didn't like the questions at all. Good. Here's the article.
  3. Bit surprised that more folk don't think that the death spiral is set to steam on. I do. Rovers 1 Reading 2 I don't doubt he'll be due his usual token win soon to calm the usually supportive Facebook natives down, but I don't think we're there yet.
  4. Mowbray is even getting pelters from QPR fans for his approach/comments last night:
  5. We know from what Danny G said on that podcast, that he properly gets the hump with the players when we're on a bad run. So this really wouldn't surprise me.
  6. Bang on. We did our usual under Mowbray when behind in injury time - roll over for a good tummy tickle.
  7. @MattyCookeX: ‘We travel every week. Wins, draws and losses. 466 mile round trip today and Mowbray went straight down that tunnel. No acknowledgement to the fans, no nothing. We can’t get crowds. Appreciate the ones that do go!! #Rovers’ Ungrateful t*sser Tony.
  8. Indeed. 8 wins in 34. 2 in 10. 0 in 4…Latest death spiral in full swing. I genuinely think we’re going to get sucked into a relegation battle if he stays. It’s all looking far too ominous.
  9. ‘I genuinely thought we would win 1-0 and yet we lost 1-0.’ What fecking game was he watching?
  10. Sick to the goddamn back teeth of this bloke. Irritates me beyond belief. How much longer must this never ending sh*t show of a journey go on for?!
  11. ‘Matched them first half. Disappointing goal to concede. We’re suffering from injuries at the minute.’ It’ll be the same guff, Den. Yet the majority of the fan base just laps it up.
  12. We don’t work on set pieces. He doesn’t look at the table. So I really wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t work on defending. Get this useless dinosaur out of our club.
  13. I can’t see where the two are coming from to be honest. We look absolutely hopeless at the moment. The early season points have fooled some on here. Big time.
  14. And there we go. 100% deserved. The death spiral rolls on folks.
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