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  1. Didn't someone else suggest it was Howe? I reckon we'd have had half a chance for Wilder under normal owners.
  2. How on earth can anyone own a business for ten years and not learn one thing? Infuriating and heartbreaking.
  3. I genuinely don’t think Sharpe would have a clue if we were about to pot Mowbray. Not that I think we will btw.
  4. Delighted for Leicester and their owners. Taking note Venkys? Nah thought not.
  5. The halt on spending isn’t new though. For the majority of the time they’ve been here, the manager hasn’t had a clue what he has to spend during the summer. Groundhog day all over. He’ll only go when he’s finally fed up of not getting to speak directly with them (ie the famed late summer confirmation of budget doesn’t come this time) or if somebody finally gets in their ear ala Bowyer.
  6. Retaining Johnson is an absolute waste of time, as is any discussions with captain marvel. A sign of things to come no doubt with level of player we’re looking to have around Brockhall!
  7. What I bet will happen is the taps will be turned on ever so slightly after the Euros when somebody from Ewood (Suhail?) finally manages to get through and get a couple of answers to the questions which have been outstanding for months (well, let's be honest - years). Problem will then be that we're a few weeks out from the start of the season. I'm not one for betting against Rovers, but I'll be tipping off friends and family to start lumping on relegation next season should nothing change (which it won't).
  8. Indeed. Even Big Ben bags a couple at the death too. Sick and tired of the same old sh*t.
  9. Disappointing to see Derby stay up. What a game though. Typical Rovers to win again in style when the pressure is off. Opportune time for me to have a break from all things Rovers unless our owners pull their fingers out over the coming weeks. Have a good summer all.
  10. 100%. I know every club must have them, but we seem to have a really high proportion of fans who can’t see the wood for the trees. Be it with Tony, be it with Venkys. Time has taught them absolutely nothing. It’s quite infuriating.
  11. A real ‘honourable’ man wouldn’t stand for it. But he’ll be here to the end of his contract - at least - unless somebody somehow manages to get in the V’s ear.
  12. Already folk are out in force on social media saying our tiny budget and cost cutting will be a ‘good thing’ as it means we can ‘play the youngsters’. The same bunch will be saying give Tony til Christmas, then the summer.
  13. Proof - if any were needed - that he doesn’t speak directly to the owners anymore: https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/19284989.mowbray-says-summer-spending-must-carefully-calculated/ The parallels with Bowyer are incredible and it will end the same way. But how long is that piece of string?
  14. Fantastic news. Have a horrible feeling Johnson will get a renewed deal, but hope I’m wrong.
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