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  1. All ifs and buts but Kieffer Moore would have been perfect for us. Dack would have bloody loved him.
  2. Dan Clough the former LET journo is the latest. Says he deserves next season regardless of what happens in this one.
  3. Oh 100%. I was going to tell him that myself on Twitter but I’m done on there for the night. As you say, unless you’re Rovers through and through you’re not going to be looking at this objectively.
  4. I like Myers but he won’t hear a bad word said about TM. I doubt he’d realistically know if TM were to be potted (not that he’s going to be).
  5. Just an expression Chaddy. Noticed that stuff like that can gain a lot of attention very quickly and maybe even Pasha may take notice. Just fed up of it all.
  6. Get back on the Coventry bus Mowbray, Venus and Waggot you bunch of shysters.
  7. Need to get #MowbrayOut trending on Twitter again to turn up some heat.
  8. ‘Who else we gonna get FFS?!’ ‘Have you seen our injury list?!’ ‘He’s got our best interests at heart’ ‘he deserves next season with a free injury list and no Covid interference’. Sick and tired of it all.
  9. Same sh*t different day. Awful subs, terrible performance, barely any clear chances created. More points dropped. Just go. You ARE a burden Tony.
  10. Nah, won’t be. If I see our ‘fans’ on Twitter tonight praising the result and Mowbray for ‘addressing our slide’ I think I’m going to go insane.
  11. I predicted 1-1. But wouldn’t be surprised to see Cov grab a winner here. We’ve been utter sh*te since the break.
  12. Eats lemon drizzle and snoozes for 11 of those 12 hours I’d wager.
  13. Agreed. Club legend but does my head in now. Bloke needs to concentrate on his day job - imagine Fleetwood fans must find him grating already. Clearly in Tony’s old boys club so won’t hear a bad word said about him. To be fair, if he told us all to ‘get real’ over Kean he’s not going to slag Tony off much is he.
  14. That’s why I reckon it’ll happen! Mowbray’s fan boys will be out in force tonight praising the point and how we’ve turned a corner.
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