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  1. I think we can guess, but who is the mysterious "widow" involved in the loan? (surprised you missed that?)
  2. maybe (hopefully) only half the story, perhaps they are not Venkys accountants but someone else's doing due diligence....?
  3. Thank you all for pointing out my infallibility! The guy on Radio Rovers was having just as much trouble working it out after the game! Ah well, I'm even more relaxed now.
  4. I dont always comment on such things as I often get them wrong! But if we lose to B'ham by as little as 1 goal and Barnsley beat Huddersfield by a clear 7 goals (or we lose by 4 and they win by 4 more "reallisticly"), wouldn't that put us down? You're right.....we're safe!
  5. Doesn't matter who's out if Mr Magnetic Head is in & we lump the ball upfield! Think we'll try and play round him this time?
  6. You're right, we used to get awards for the state of our pitch. In the past even half way through the season it still looked pristine.
  7. Can't make it tonight - kids clubbed together to get us Lion King tickets for our anniversary, when game was supposed to be Wednesday night! Third home game I've missed in 20 years.
  8. I always think that the closing scene, when Jack says, "I'm just in love with job", should be played on the big screen just before every home kick-off so that the players can see what being a Rover REALLY means
  9. Written admission to Inciting or threatening violence, tut-tut, OK Sergeant, take him away......
  10. Yes, all taking gulps of their Nitrolingual sprays to keep the arteries open and stopping fo rthe occasional wee 'cos their prostates are playing up....!! (Written by one-who-knows............)
  11. Second everything you say DB, Ooijer has been reliable in the main, and although not great at RB, he does a competent job.
  12. quote,"Dismissing Aimee's claims of sex, she added: "That's rubbish. I know that for a fact. I know Ashley intimately. When he's under the influence he isn't capable."unquote, Priceless! Brewer's droop!! Ha-Ha
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