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  1. Its like waiting for season tickets, replica shirts, etc, etc........
  2. What?!? Is that from the sun article as well? Do you have a link anywhere for this? A mate in the pub told me last night that his pal got this from Freddy's son on holiday in the far east.
  3. Apparently Shepherd and Souness were talking as early as 8 August!
  4. Somebody's bitter because norwegians are dead sexy!!! Isnt that true, Bjarte? Yep, Oyvind Leonhardsen and Henning Berg were real stud muffins. And your Norwegian Beckham Andresen couldn't score at Mr.G's. For the record, Mr G himself is now mine host at the Rising Sun Brownhill and doing well after a recent heart attack!
  5. Do you honestly believe he would top the pole? John Williams is a pole dancer?!?! Blimey, uncle Warburton gets around a bit! Does his missus know he frequents clubs with greying men cavorting round a pole? Now we know that Rovers are in dire straits financially when the chief exec has to supplement his income with dancing dollars! Could the routine be incorporated into the half time break?
  6. Sort the BBE bars out and sell twice as much ale!
  7. Tony Parkes says they want somebody 'low key'. Is there anyone more low key than Tony?
  8. Put shirts on sale before the end of August or is that too difficult?
  9. Strachan sounds good but could Rovers afford his seaweed and banana demands?
  10. Put Strachan on as tannoy man and you've got the dream ticket!
  11. Why shouldn't he be in Spain. I am and I'll be in t'Golden Cup at 15.00 tomorrow!
  12. Very wise 1864. Rovers board have long been good at deafening silences, smokescreens and surprises when the need has arisen. We have not become a small town club overnight, we are experienced at it. I don't , however, believe there is any future in 'ruling by committee' if that's how the trustees govern. Don't get despondent yet and keep believing.
  13. I understand that he's also had spells as mine host at The Kettledrum (Burnley) and The Calf's Head (Worston nr Clitheroe). Can't comment on his performance at either of these though.
  14. Thats harsh ......Burnley is ( no offence meant ) a right hovel. Just to verify your credentials, can you name the pub near the main stand at Selhurst Park (hon. patron G. Courtney)?. Do you mean the Clifton arms on the corner , i don't know who the landlord is because i normally drink in the Cherries outside Norwood Junction train station or the Alliance just up the road a bit . Why do you ask anyway , do you i'm an agent provocteur (sp) Not 'honourable' patron of the pub, 'honorary' patron of CPFC for services to promotion. (ex ref) BTW Correct answer - you may conti
  15. Thank god for that! John Williams was walking in the other day just when the woman from Leavers pie shop came along - mind you her cv is probably as good as Dowie's.
  16. Thats harsh ......Burnley is ( no offence meant ) a right hovel. Just to verify your credentials, can you name the pub near the main stand at Selhurst Park (hon. patron G. Courtney)?.
  17. There's also Bob Crompton, he's not posted since March 6 but there's no need to alienate Bob's Alan. Capt - Mines one of those 1.5 pint thingy's that takes 1 hour 10 minutes to pour - your round half time vs Portsmouth. Thanks. Does anyone think that we're going to hear anything now until Monday at the earliest with regards to the new manager? Doubt it - no home match to unveil the new man. any press at Ewood would distract Parkes & the team in the NE. Monday am would be next soonest.
  18. Altogether now....... " and the Bob and the Bobf come bob bob bobbin along.... shoot the ba####ds, shoot the ba####ds, shoot the ba####ds" Sorry Bobs x2 - couldn't resist Anyway, what can you get fer two Bobs these days?
  19. Eleven actually - that's enough with one left over!
  20. If he's any sense at all he'll be running up and down sand dunes somewhere in a desperate attempt to get fully fit before the new man takes over. No one seems to want to match his wages so he must realise that he needs to buckle down here. Alternatively he might be found in the W H Smiths looking for a leaving card for Souey. Don't think he's that bright. Anyway, the last Rovers player seen alone on sand dunes was Andy Crawford - and he disappeared without trace!
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