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  1. I hear it could be a wind up and is still on.
  2. And I guess that's why I will call in the blues Bar instead.
  3. Cheers for the insight. I didn't know we had another player on loan at Barrow. To be honest, I didn't even know who Matty Platt was, until I got the message about him from my mate. I guess watching the U23's and the academy teams, gives fans the insight into these things and good that we have posters on here, who do this.
  4. I have seen the odd conference game on BT sport this year and the standard is pretty good. Like you say, playing against men, will certainly toughen him up. I have asked my pal to keep me update on how Matty Platt gets on, for the remainder of the season. Hopefully being part, of a successful side will help, as Barrow have a fair chance of a play off spot.
  5. I have a friend whose son Plays for Barrow, who are flying high in the conference. He went to their home game with Tranmere last night, which they won 2-1 after being 0-1 down. He sent me a message this morning to say, they had one of our youngsters playing in defence called Matty Platt. He said he had a great game, so may be one for the future. It is good to see he is getting game time, at a decent level.
  6. I think most people will have made their minds up by now and will either trust this poster, or be guarded. I won't be posting anymore about him, as I have done my bit now.
  7. I am sure we all make Typo's. However do we all do the following? 1. Refer to Rovers generically as Blackburn? 2. Think that we joined this forum 3 years after we actually did? 3. Post around 100 comments in the first 5 years of membership and then suddenly start porting incessantly? 4. Push as hard as you possibly can to find out if something that was posted as factual was in fact really done? 5. Antagonise the bulk of the other posters? 6. Insist you would post no more, but carry on regardless?
  8. Just read what that post said on 04/01/2013. In it when referring to Venky's he uses the correct version of their. However a couple of pages back, when referring to someone, he uses the wrong version THERE. It is all there for anyone to see and for me confirms that the 2013 poster and the current poster, are NOT the same person.
  9. The plot thickens. Fancy only posting during those transfer windows and now he can't stop posting. He can't explain why either or possibly refuses to.
  10. I thought not. No wonder there is speculation about you on here.
  11. I find it really strange that you have made 387 posts in 6 years and about 300 of those in the last month. Would you care to explain?
  12. This is just an opinion and by no means fact. Venky's roll up in late 2010 so Mr X who happens to be running the club, although he never claimed to be the owner, starts to get a little twitchy. The reason for this, is he got the manager in Situ at the time of the takeover dismissed and ut his own man in. His own man though, very nearly got us relegated. With the backlash from the fans, Mr X decided to infiltrate message boards and the likes, as he recognised that fans were a lot more dangerous and interfering, than he though. He opened up an account on many forums. Most of these were opened in July 2011 just before his managers first full season. Almost five years later on Mr X Decided to announce he had retired. In reality though, he was just hiding in the background. He handed over his username and passwords for the Forums he was on, to someone to keep an eye on things for him. Suddenly having made around 150 postings in 5 years, the person, he handed the account over to, began to make many more posts on the forums, as things were getting a bit hot at the club and he wanted to impress his boss. . In fact in a few weeks, he posted more than he had done, under the previous poster in 5 years. He started to refer to Rovers as Blackburn and nearly got rumbled with that one, but perhaps, may have just got away with it. In his most recent error though, he posted that he had been a member for 3 years, forgetting how easy it is to check. In reality the time on the board is double, but, but "heck doesn't time fly?". It's only a theory and I have no proof and I won't be pushing for one, in case anyone asks.
  13. You mean he doesn't know when he joined this board? He thinks 3 years ago and his profile says 6. I think you have been rumbled BDS
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